Valentine’s Day in Paris: 10 Romantic Ideas

  • February 9, 2024
  • All things Paris
  • Julie Violleau

Experience an enchanting experience in Paris, the City of Love, with these delightful suggestions for spending a memorable Valentine's Day with your lover. Follow us to explore the beauty of Paris and celebrate love, whether you prefer romantic walks along the banks of the Seine, theatrical experiences in historical places, or discovering charming districts.
Paris is full of unforgettable surprises to spend an exceptional Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Cabaret Burlesque Valentine's Day in Paris

1. Dinner and a show on a river boat!

The Nouvelle Seine welcomes you in an atypical setting on a river boat that hosts a selection of events like stand-up comedy, cabaret, one-man shows, dinner, and cocktails!

Plan an evening with your Valentine aboard one of Paris’ favourite love boats starting with a dinner prepared by Kimono followed by the comedic cabaret, Cabaret Burlesque- An evening plan you won’t regret!

For Valentine’s Day dinner, the famous duo Kimono has prepared a special menu just for you. The two chefs, Kimberley and Sarah, offer dishes inspired by South Asian and Mediterranean cuisines with revisited classical dishes such as pepper and cumin risotto or a date and pistachio millefeuille.

Take a look at our standard and premium options for the Valentine’s dinner and show combo by clicking the button below!

See the Cabaret Burlesque show page!

Parisian streets Valentine's Day in Paris

2. A Valentine’s dance floor on Parisian pavement in the heart of Paris

On Wednesday, February 14th, a professional orchestra will be playing at a ball organised in the chic 7th district for Valentine’s Day. If you’re in for an extra surprise, don’t miss the Georges & Rosy dance school performance from 3 to 4 p.m.! This is the perfect occasion to sway with your loved one.

Click here to learn more!

2CV Valentine's Day Activities in Paris

3. What about spending Valentine's Day in a vintage car?

In Paris, everything is possible. You can even visit the city in a Peugeot 404 or a 2CV for a vintage visit in an original and emblematic French car. For an even more intense experience, you can listen to “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf. This is quite an original idea for young and older couples alike. Memories, memories…

After riding around with your Valentine all day in Paris, end the evening of the 14th with a special gypsy jazz night at Sunset Sunside Jazz Club.

If you were planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day on the weekend, don’t miss out on the jazzy Valentine’s vibe at the Baiser Salé Jazz Club.

Crazy Horse Things to do for Valentine's Day in Paris

4. Voluptuous Valentine’s Cabaret show in Paris

Spend Valentine's Day or a romantic weekend at a Parisian cabaret for an unforgettable experience. With mesmerizing performances, exquisite cuisine, champagne, and an enchanting atmosphere, it's the perfect setting for a celebration of love!

Here are our top two favourite Parisian cabarets with their own Valentine’s themes that we highly recommend:

The first one is the famous Crazy Horse Cabaret. This cabaret, renowned for its sensual and avant-garde performances that push the boundaries of traditional cabaret offers mesmerizing choreography, stunning lighting effects, glamorous ambiance, and a specially themed Valentine’s Day show! All things considered, the Crazy Horse Cabaret is the ideal spot for a sensual Valentine's Day in Paris.

Paradis Latin offers a cabaret with a whole other type of atmosphere! The Valentine’s Day cabaret show featuring the revue L’Oiseau Paradis by Kamel Ouali presents a jaw-dropping atmosphere where the show surrounds the audience as much as the stage!

Each cabaret has its own surprises, so check out the show pages to discover our premium options like champagne services or even dinner and a show.

Wall of Love in Paris

5. The wall of love in Paris

What better way to say I love you then taking that special someone to the wall of love in Montmartre! Caution, entrance is free so space might be a little tight on this special day. If you didn't already know, there is a full wall in the street of Montmartre dedicated to love. Here you will find the word "I Love You" permanently written in all the languages from around the world on small blue tiles. It's a picture-perfect Valentine’s Day scenery.

horse ride Things to do in Paris for Valentine's Day

6. Ride like the wind with your Valentine

What can top a romantic horseback riding stroll towards the sunset through a Parisian forest? Okay, maybe during this time of the year you will not get a stroll towards the sunset, but the relaxing ride will be romantic regardless. You can be a beginner or an expert, either way, you will be guided by a private tour guide who will make sure you get the maximum out of this experience. In the heart of the Cité du Cheval, you and your honey will explore the forest of Saint-Germain. All you have to do is reserve your spot in Maisons- Laffitte and you're good to go.

chocolate massage Activities for Valentine's Day in Paris

7. Valentine’s Day Chocolate massage at Dans Le Noir in Paris

Spend an invigorating evening with the one you cherish in Dans Le Noir spa, relaxing during a full-body chocolate massage. Yeah, you read that correctly, a chocolate massage where the masseuse will spread pure cocoa flow on your body! Why chocolate, you ask? Well, first of all, Paris is known for its exquisite chocolate and second, chocolate is a very powerful antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties to help both your bodies unwind. Who needs a regular oil massage when you can have a chocolate one?

kissing challenge date ideas in paris

8. Kissing challenge in Vapiano

In the famous pasta restaurant, Vapiano there will be a kissing challenge. If you've seen the famed scene from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp where they both share a spaghetti strand until they share a kiss, you can get an idea of what this challenge is all about. You can take your girlfriend/boyfriend, child, friend or whoever you want because the kissing challenge is not exclusively for couples. The event will include a tasting of different food products sold in the restaurant, gifts for participants, photoshoots, and music! Register online if you want to be a part of Vapiano's world record kissing challenge or steal a kiss from your Valentine’s Day date!

palais garnier date ideas in paris Valentine's Day in Paris

9. A night of Valentine’s Opulence at the Opera in Paris

Looking for a Valentine’s Day night of opulence? What better way to spend it than going to two of the most famous opera houses in Paris! Experience the most lavish and chic side of Paris with your lover!

Start the day with a guided tour of the magnificent Opera Garnier and discover the secrets of the largest opera house of Europe. The guided tours are only available for groups of 10 people or more so bring your friends and celebrate love together!

Then, you can treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants of the district such as the Café de la Paix or L’Entracte.

After your meal, enjoy La Traviata at Opéra Bastille the night of Valentine’s Day, or if you were planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day in Paris on the weekend, you can also see Beatrice di Tenda at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday!

los guardiola shows in paris for Valentine's Day in Paris

10. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a show!

Paris, often hailed as the City of Love, is also celebrated as a city of art and theatre! All year round, you can enjoy outstanding performances in one of the many theatres of the city. And what better way to celebrate love than by sharing an enchanting show with your partner on Valentine's Day?

Here is a list of the best pieces in Paris to see around Valentine’s Day:

You don’t know what to choose for your Valentine’s gift? No problem! Gift cards are the ultimate solution: your beloved can handpick their preferred show and schedule, ensuring a truly tailored and memorable experience.

Can't get enough? Have a look at what else there is to do in Paris:

There's more where that came from…

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