Crazy Horse the Ultimate Experience!

  • January 9, 2020
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

The real steamy show does not begin until 8:30 pm, but we’ve got a little secret. The lights go on Sunday's at 7 pm. Crazy Horse Cabaret has added an extra perk to their extravaganza, now visitors are welcome to opt-in for a small private guided tour and explore behind the scenes of the celebrated club that everyone goes crazy for, especially famed artists from around the world. We know what you’re thinking “dreams do come true” and we couldn’t agree more! Today you’ll be getting some intel from us on what you can look forward to when having booked your tour with one of the sexy ladies, from personal experience of course.


Start your night off by meeting a Crazy Horse dancer

Once walking upon entrance, all you need to do is ask for your ticket in the front desk and from there, an escort will lead you to an intimate room where they will take your coat and give you a complimentary glass of their very own Crazy Horse champagne. That’s right if you didn’t know before the facility makes their own customized and top-quality champagne coming from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Once settled in with a glass of champagne in hand a beautiful woman, you’ll soon realize is a cabaret dancer, will walk up to your group and be your personal guide for one hour! Just think, you’ll be side by side up close and personal to a talented stage dancer! Need we say more? The Tour starts at 7 pm on the dot and there is a maximum of 16 people in the group. Meaning there is no need to worry if you believed there would be too many people, though if you want to reserve a spot, we recommend you do it as soon as possible!


©Riccardo Tinelli

Soak up the stunning décor all around the locale

During the exclusive excursion, you’ll get the chance to explore places in the venue that have not been seen by many. Gentlemen, you’ll get a brief look inside the women’s bathroom without any judgment whatsoever. Both the men and women bathrooms have unique designs that make it photo-worthy and you’ll also notice some intriguing details about both bathrooms. As a teaser, we’ll tell you that you’ll find two toilets next to one another without any doors or separation whatsoever in the lady’s washroom. We don’t want to spoil all the fun, so we’ll let your guide explain the reasoning behind that. While setting foot on the soft velvet carpet set up in every corner of all the rooms it will be hard to miss the small room set up in a corner that was once a telephone room back in the 60s.

There will be plenty of other interesting aspects about your tour while walking to different rooms in the spectacular venue the dancer will provide you with fun and some top-secret facts about Crazy Horse, after all, it has been around for 63 years now, a lot has happened. During your journey, you’ll also stumble upon some cool pictures of the ladies with distinguished artists, some of who they have performed on stage with as well. Walking in where all the magic happens while it being completely empty is another perk, you’ll get a full view of the auditorium and the stage before the performance begins.


Are you curious enough?

If in the past you’ve had the opportunity to watch a Crazy Horse show, watch it again but this time with all questions you might have had about the show completely answered by one of the on-stage performers. If you’re like me and a big fan of the dancers, then you have more than two questions you’re curious about. There were plenty of questions answered during the tour and an inside scoop about other unimaginable subjects.

One question our guide received from someone in the group was “how did she feel dancing on stage as a cabaret dancer” and her answer was truly uplifting. She said she felt empowered on stage when because other women have mentioned to her that what she did was very moving and demonstrated a powerful movement amongst women. Considering it's your day, you can ask whatever you wish to know about, as long as it’s respectful of course.

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©Riccardo Tinelli


©Riccardo Tinelli

Step into the life of Alain Bernardin

Who is Alain Bernardin? Only the genius behind the creation of Crazy Horse Cabaret! That’s right it was he who came up with the idea of opening up a place of entertainment where women could dance freely on stage in a classy and non-tacky manner.

Crazy Horse was established in 1951, and Alain Bernardin’s vision was to create a show where each presentation had its own storyline combining classically trained dancers, one of the requirements that all dancers must acquire, a dancing background before applying for the job. His idea of adding props such as colorful lights on the dancers' bodies was the cherry on the cake, it became an instant attraction and one of the factors why the public attended the show, aside from the outstanding crazy talented dancing skills from the performs side. The Crazy Horse legacy was an inspiration to many artists such as Beyoncé Knowles and Dita Von Teese.

One of the many perks from the Crazy Horse Experience is that you will get the opportunity to enter Alain Bernardin’s office space completely untouched, a place where he spent most of his days coming up with more creative ways of making the Crazy Horse name reach higher horizons. A place where he met three of his past lovers who were also dancers in the locale, but we will not say more. In the office, you’ll find vintage photos of older dancers from previous years, vinyl discs that inspired him, books filled with memories, and so many other surprising objects and enlightening facts. 


©Antoine Poupel

Tasty champagne and hors d’oeuvres, yum

One part about the tour you will love is receiving two glasses filled with delicious crazy cuvée bubbly champagne and artisanal handmade hors d’oeuvres, which you may know as mini appetizers made from salmon, foie gras, a medley of vegetables, and other recipe combinations.


It’s showtime!

Now it’s time to get your mind blown! Something that really caught my attention after the tour was seeing our guide on stage performing her own dance number. It will change the way you see things, it’s truly a completely different experience getting to know the girls before the show initiates. It’s inspiring to know their story, who they are, what they did before working with Crazy Horse and getting the opportunity to work in such an open environment with other talented women. All the ladies on stage will leave you mesmerized from the beginning of the show all the way until the end, a full 1 hour and 30 minutes of multiple voluptuous dance routines! Each girl will bring out their own spicy or sweet personality on stage. Special thank you to Hippy Bang Bang and the Crazy Horse production for providing the Theatre in Paris crew a private tour.

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