Top 11 ideas for celebrating your birthday in Paris

  • December 13, 2019
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  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

It’s your birthday and you’re ready to go big! It’s not every day you turn a certain age, and this year you are in Paris. The city can either make you or break you! Don’t let some of those elevated prices be the reason you limit yourself to being spoiled on your own birthday. There are a couple of places we want to let you know exist and could be the perfect destination when making a list of things to do on your special day, here are out 11 picks.


Breakfast in Hollybelly 5

You can start off your day going to a very trending breakfast place that all the locals and tourists are raving about. Hollybelly serves up some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes in the city! The prices are affordable, the plates are of a decent size, and they are open from early morning until 5 in the evening. We must warn you though, the lines to get in can be wild. There are one hour wait times if you go during the peak of the day which is from 11 am and onwards. This is the price for getting inside a chic restaurant. Be sure you go to Hollybelly 5, there are multiple Hollybelly restaurants, but this has got to be the best. Conveniently all the waiters speak incredibly perfect English as well.


Admiring a beautiful theatre

There is a vast amount of incredible theatres in the center of Paris, they all have a significant history and some of the oldest are still up and running. The most famous has got to be Opera Garnier, of course, everyone knows the opera house for being one of the oldest in the city and enclosing a secret underground vault which is what inspired the famed Phantom of the Opera. There also exists a luxurious theatre located in the touristy street of Champs-Élysées and goes by the name of Théâtre Marigny. Big Broadway Hit Musicals can be seen in this playhouse as well as in Théâtre Mogador which hosts exquisite decoration inspired by the English music hall style of 1919. La Nouvelle Seine is a more modern theatre located inside of a boat! It displays a variety of different performances from stand- up comedy to cabarets. There are plenty of wonderful theatres to admire for free during the day and watch a show during the night.

cabaret burlesque

Steamy Cabaret

Yeah, we know this is recommended for every occasion but cabarets in Paris are just that good! Plus, they are all different in their own unique way. There are multiple cabarets you can visit in Paris on your birthday, starting with the most iconic Crazy Horse Cabaret Show. Currently, the Crazy Horse is exhibiting their wildest show “Totally Crazy”. Each performance involves a different presentation, and they are all breathtaking. The girls have incredible dancing skills, but of course, they were chosen because of their looks and their talent! The second recommended show is Lido de Paris. Lido attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to their diverse Bluebell Girls and their incredible performance. What differentiates this show from the other are their exotic costumes and hot dance routine. Lastly, The Cabaret Burlesque! Cabaret Burlesque is not like your ordinary Parisian sexy cabaret, it is a combination of lust and humor. Located in an unusual setting, the steamy how is exhibited in La Nouvelle Seine, a floating theatre. If you want to have an awesome birthday and watch a seductive performance, seeking a cabaret is highly recommended.

Book tickets to a cabaret


Go to a karaoke

Paris is surrounded by karaoke bars, all with different themes. If you are looking for a laid-back place to hang out with friends but you’re not really in the mood to sing in front of a crowd, we’ve got just the place, La Noche. karaoke is always the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. Located in the steamy Pigalle area La Noche is a bar that transforms into a karaoke wonder during the night. If you love the attention you can either sing the night away in front of strangers or rent the whole room to yourself!

marche enfants rouge

Marche des Enfants Rouges

In the oldest covered market first opened in 1628, you get a variety of selections to choose from and then some! In Marche des Enfants Rouges there are small stands that sell food from different countries. You can find authentic Moroccan food, Italian pasta and dessert, French burgers, and many other options to choose from. This could be an option if you’re looking for fresh and delicious food. If your birthday happens to land on a Sunday, this is the perfect place to go to for a relaxing Sunday brunch.

ramen noodle soup


Basically, the best place you can go to in order to have the absolute best Ramen noodle soup in town! There is a selection of traditional Asian dishes, not just ramen noodle soup. People line up just to enter this place, similar to Hollybelly 5. If you go during dinner time it can take 30- 40 minutes to b seated but the wait is worth it. The food with melt in your mouth. The service will also amaze you, the waiters are super attentive. This restaurant would have to be at the top of our list of places to eat, you can go for your birthday or any random day.


Palais de Tokyo

If you want to have a real party, why not head to the Palais de Tokyo museum? Palais de Tokyo is a structure that holds ravishing modern art paintings and sculptures. During the day there are unique exhibitions to gaze upon, and not many know this but during the night starting Thursday nights the museum is transformed into a night club called YoYo- Palais de Tokyo! The music genre varies throughout the weeks and the days when these parties are being hosted vary as well. There’s electronic music, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latino, a little bit of everything. Being top of the line, you can check out the events they’re hosting on their Facebook page and decide if this would be the place to spend the night on your special day.


Listen to a poem in Au Chat Noir

How about heading out to witness a full poetry night entirely in English? Well, there might be some poems in French as well…and a few other languages in between. Located in a very cozy bar by the name of Au Chat Noir, in the basement, they host local talent where anyone can volunteer to stand on stage and present their favorite poems or more original, one of their own. You can go alone, with friends, or family members, grab a couple of drinks and enjoy the performance.

the da vinci code

Explore filming sites within the city

Why not go on a hunt for filming sites around the city? It’s also a nice way to explore and discover new areas you might not have seen before. In Paris there are plenty of locations where directors have filmed movies, some examples of these movies include The Da Vinci Code, Amélie, An American in Paris, Midnight in Paris, and even Ratatouille. Luckily some of these places include a show! The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks had some scenes filmed in one of the oldest and prestigious chapels in Paris, Saint- Sulpice Church located in the 6th arrondissement. The church holds some of the rarest elaborations from the 1600s and astonishing architecture. Special live orchestra concerts are held in the chapel on certain days, and what better way to celebrate your birthday than listening to classical music? The 1951 movie An American in Paris fascinated the public from all over the world that it was decided to create a play based on the movie and it immediately became a Broadway Hit Musical! Luckily the musical is currently displayed in Théâtre du Châtelet in the center of Paris. The movie though takes place in Montmartre and so does the movie Amélie. Looks like you’ve got a lot of neighborhoods to explore.

Reserve tickets to Saint- Sulpice Concert Series

baby bottle

Drink from a baby bottle in Le Refuge des Fondus 

If you want to go full French, head over to Le Refuge des Fondus! This rare restaurant has a very thematic experience. If you don’t want to feel like another year is just passing by and don’t want to get any older there’s nothing to worry about. The restaurant will offer you drinks inside a baby bottle…literally. You have the option to drink your wine, champagne, beer from a baby bottle! The plate options are simple, you are given choices such as fondue, cheese, meat, nothing too big but still pretty good. People mostly go for the atmosphere and a good time.


Create your own street mural

Maybe you’re feeling artsy on your birthday? Why not pick up a spray can and create a masterpiece? Yes, this may be illegal if you decide to spray paint a random wall around any building in Paris but you can do so with Graffitti Paris, a graffiti workshop. Learning from real graffiti artist, you’ll learn the basics in the art of spray painting and even get to mark your own artwork on a wall. Where else have you ever experiences such a class?


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