About Us


How did the adventure begin?

Let us tell you a story about a man named Sam...
Sam was an Australian, and like many of us, delighted by all "Parisian" things since he was a little kid. So like any good 'francophile' would, he packed his bags and moved to Paris!
He even moved in with a French roommate named Carl. While Carl was off doing typical Parisian things- drinking wine, eating baguettes, wearing berets, and most importantly, going to the theatre, Sam was stuck in an English-speaking bubble with little entertainment options, since the beautiful French language is rather difficult to master.
Carl wanted to include his English speaking friend in his favourite Parisian activities, including, of course, the theatre. Quickly realizing that the City of Lights offered no entertainment options for the vast number of internationals visiting and living there, an idea was born.
From here sprung the dream of Theatre in Paris: rendering France's vibrant, Broadway-quality theatre scene accessible to everyone!

A new chapter in theatre surtitling

Passionate teams based both in Berlin and Paris joined forces to create Panthea in order to tackle the most important barrier to accessible live performance: language. With a shared objective to bring innovative theatre accessibility solutions to the European continent and beyond, Panthea established its technology hub in Berlin, the pioneer city in theatre surtitling, and grew TheatreinParis.com to become the only international online theatre box office in Paris, Europe’s most visited city.
Since 2014, the international team behind Panthea has developed its own surtitling technology and distribution platform, enabling over 60+ different nationalities to enjoy theatrical performances with no language-barrier.

Want to help us write the next chapter in the story? Join us!


The Theatre in Paris Co-Founders

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Carl de Poncins

Since he was born, all Carl has ever known is a slow economy. So as an act of defiance, he decided once and for all to be optimistic. After ten years in industry, he has combined his passion for innovation and French performing arts to develop new paths for cultural exchange. A few brainstorming sessions later, Theatre in Paris was born.
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Christophe Plotard

A journalist working for a tourism trade magazine, Christophe has been part of the growing tourism industry for many years. Convinced that Paris is the place to be for innovative tourism experiences, he brings his expertise and support to the launch of Theatre in Paris.
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Romain Beytout

Romain is a lyrical opera singer. His experience of great opera stages, from Paris to Athens convinced him that the international perspective of music is a great fit with theatre. He spices up the Theatre in Paris team with additional artistic feel and creativity: the cherry on the top of the cake!


Our Mantras


A new approach to hospitality

  • At Theatre in Paris we are convinced that by offering travellers the chance to discover local culture from the inside, we can enhance their whole travel experience whilst visiting France.
  • At Theatre in Paris we believe that every detail matters so we work hard to make every customer experience outstanding throughout their stay.
  • At Theatre in Paris we want to share our optimism and our passion for everything we offer with our customers.
  • At Theatre in Paris we firmly believe in presenting an experience that is original, fresh, innovative and creative.