Fun activities in Paris for kids

  • November 3, 2019
  • All things Paris
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

Not sure where to take the little ones in Paris? Can’t find interesting family activities? The city is surrounded by museums, parks, and many other activities. We will share the inside details and list a couple of places most parents visiting Paris recommend heading to when on vacation and other overlooked spots most local parents claim to be the best in order for both kids and parents to have a blast and a day full of adventure.


360 ALLSTARS, an urban circus

A circus composed of creative acts that are sure to surprise you. Compacted with a combination of street art and Hip-Hop music, the World Championship artists in this show have whipped up an outstanding performance that is out of the ordinary and far from bland. Spoiler alert, there will be an internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler, Championship break dancers, a Cyr wheel artist, a double BMX flatlander, and a show is not complete without prize winning musicians, one of which performed on the X Factor. Kids are fond of cool stunts and Hip-Hop music making this the perfect activity to experience together.

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Magic+ Comedy= Tape Face

A magic show is always a good idea, and when it’s a magical performance by Tape Face it’s an even grander idea. Tape Face is a skilled mime who needs nothing but small props to impress the crowd. Having climbed the latter to fame through America’s Got Talent, a popular television show in the United States, Tape Face has been traveling the world exhibiting his comical yet fascinating gift on stage in front of a wide number of spectators. The show is packed with comedy, magic, and surprises.

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the world of jaleya

A magical place and modernized circus, The World of Jaleya

You can experience a hint of magic and exhilaration in The World of Jaleya as you follow Oliver, a young boy through his journey to find his way back home. Similar to the Cirque du Soleil concept, Cirque de Paname is a Parisian circus that offers full action-packed entertainment with an exciting backstory all while only using custom made customs, special effects, and props. If you and the little ones are looking for a place to gaze at the stage and find yourself mesmerized by the performance, then book your tickets soon because this program starts November and end in February.

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girl petting a cat

Cat Cafés

If your little one misses his or her best buddy back home or doesn’t have one but is a big fan of animal then you’re in luck because there are multiple unbeatable places around the city where you guys can have a good meal and some animal companionship! The first café is called Le Moustache Café, in this cozy little café the dishes on the menu are homemade and best of all prepared fresh, something healthy for the whole family. The cats living in the café are entirely healthy and vaccinated if you were wondering. The fury friends were adopted by the owners from both shelters and the streets. The second cat café recommended is Chat Mallows Café. There are a total of 15 adorable cats of all breeds, similar to the first café, they have all been adopted as well. Here you can dine in, drink some coffee, or just hang out with the four-legged friends inside. The third is Le Café des Chats, the name says it all, “The Cat Café”. In this restaurant/ café, cats roam freely! Customers must remember that they’re in the home of the cats, the furry friends in this café like the others, are very friendly meaning the little one can enjoy some delicious food while petting a cat on his lap. Bad news is that they’re not up for adoption in case you fall in love with one of them.

Asterix Park

Asterix Park

When coming to Paris the first thing that comes to mind when traveling with kids is Disney World! But did you know there is another exciting park here in Paris called Asterix Park? You may have heard of the cartoon character Asterix the Gaul, from the French comics, well there is a whole theme park about him and his friends. Unlike Disney World, Asterix contains rollercoaster rides that will give the whole family chills…especially if you’re planning on going during winter. Your kids will probably try to convince you to get on all of the rides with them, but hey, that is all part of the experience.

amusement park

Jardin d’Acclimation

Eat ice cream, get on fun (yet not so large) roller coasters and other mechanical rides, create beautiful pots or sculptures out of clay and so much more in Jardin d’Acclimation. Unless you are a local, it is more than likely that you haven’t heard of this gem. Perfect for kids of all ages, jam packed with a lot action guaranteed for a whole day of fun and laughter. There are a total of 49 attractions, including shows, rafting, and a the wild immersion where you guys can see some wild animals up close with virtual reality glasses. So, there is something to do for hours and hours.

The blob

Meet the blob

Recently there has been a new addition to the zoo in Paris, imagine meeting the world- wide sensation, the blob! Not only will the kiddies learn about different species of wild animals and their habitat, but also, they will also obtain a scientific lesson about the blob. The blob is a fungus like organism that has existed for more than 1 billion years, but the particular organism located in the Paris zoo is the only one to have gone public in the world. Scientists have been studying this amazing creature and say that it has the capacity to heal itself within two minutes, imitate anything around it, and the capacity to act like an animal. Imagine the amount of knowledge the little one will absorb from meeting the blob, named after the 1980s movie.

kid scientist

Palais de la Découverte

For an educational visit, a visit to Palais de la Decouvert will do the trick. Welcoming kids and families, this museum offers scientific education for groups of kids 8 years and 10 years of age. If your little one is filled with curiosity, they will definitely learn a lot of interesting this here such as forensic investigation, astronomy, the animal chain, mathematics, and about chemistry experiments.

water park


If you didn’t know that there was a water park in the city of Paris, now you do. What better way to spend the day than to be splashing around in one of the largest water parks in France, Aquaboulevard. Equipped with Jacuzzis, a mini beach, tall water slides, pool waves that will make the little feel as if he were surfing or in the beach, and many more attractions. Safety is there number one objective, so you could be sure your child will be safe here and having the time oh his or her life. You won’t be able to compare any other water park in Europe to this one, boasted to be paradise.

puppet show

Luxembourg gardens for water activities and a puppet show!

A fun park where the kiddies have from a variety of activities to choose from is the famous Luxembourg gardens. Besides its distinction for being located conveniently in the center of the city, it also has a reputation for having a beautiful garden filled with a diverse arrangement of flowers. What few people know is that this is also the perfect place to take kids of all ages considering there is a small lake made for kids to sail vintage toy boats on it, if you guys don’t have a boat, not to worry because there is always someone there renting boats for kids. The prices by the way are very reasonable. Also, one of Paris’ oldest puppet shows takes place in this park, called Marionnettes du Luxembourg. We recommend checking out the program times before heading to the park.

buttes chaumont park

Buttes Chaumont park

Do you remember rolling down a hill for fun as a kid? Well kids can experience this same excitement in Buttes Chaumont park. The park located in the 19th district and it is very extended, on one side of the park there are large hills where locals normally get together at any time of the day to have a picnic with friends and family. The beautiful part of this park is the fact that on the hill you guys will have a breathtaking view of the whole city of Paris, completely for free. Check it out yourself, you guys will love it!


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