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  • Nov 20, 2019
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Thanksgiving is all about surrounding yourself with those you love and being thankful for everything you have, you can sure be thankful that in Paris we celebrate thanksgiving as well! Not just Americans, but many from other cultures come together to celebrate in numerous ways. This November 28th there will be many options to choose from whether it being having a nice thanksgiving meal at a good cafe (perks of this option is that there is no need to cook), visiting some bars and feel surrounded by a cheerful environment, check out cool art exhibitions, or immerse yourself in cool shows playing on Thanksgiving day! Whatever it is you’re into, we’ve got you covered.

thanksgiving dinner

8 places where you can have a Thanksgiving dinner

Red House: Considering Red House’s Thanksgiving Potluck is a success every year, they’ve decided to continue with this tradition and unite everyone staying in Paris on Thanksgiving. If you want to join all the fun and taste some wholesome home-cooked meal made up of turkey and mouthwatering sides, all you have to do is bring your own plate or donate 10 euros.

Time: 6 pm, but the food is served at

7 pmPrice: Take food to this location or donate 10 euros (your choice)

Le Saint Hotel à Paris: Now if you really want to spoil yourself with a special holiday dinner, Le Saint Hotel à Paris, which also comprises a restaurant inside is offering the public some gastronomic delights on Thanksgiving. The elegant dinner will include a three-course meal made up of:

  • Starter- Pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Main Course- Chicken by MR Thierry Dumas, Pumpkin espuma, Green bean, Grilled corn, and of course some cranberry sauce.
  • Dessert- A warm Pecan pie


Time: 7 pm- 10: 30 pm

Price: 55 euros

Le citizen Hotel: How does a dinner by the stunning Saint-Martin canal sound to you? If this seems like a plan, then look no further because Le citizen Hotel will be hosting a cozy Thanksgiving dinner that everyone will enjoy, at least that’s the feedback they received from last year’s Thanksgiving extravaganza. Reservations are required, and we suggest reserving your table as soon as possible!

Time: 7:30 pm- 11:30 pm

Price: Meal 40 euros (if you want to see what’s included, click here), Drinks 15 euros

Belushi’s Paris GDN: For Thanksgiving do you and your family normally sit around the TV before eating a meal together and watch the football game? You could re-live that moment while watching the NFL live on an HD screen television and having tasty American food in Belushi’s Paris GDN bar. There will also be live music to compliment all the other great perks of celebrating Thanksgiving around amazing people.

Time: 7 pm- 11 pm

Price: Depends on what you choose (menu is provided on Belushi’s website)

Hard Rock café: This is as American as it's going to get! The Hard Rock Café is open for business on November 28, and it is serving a delicious and traditional thanksgiving meal. The dinner includes the option to opt for a three-course menu and you get to choose what you want!

Time: 11:30 am- 11:30 pm

Price: 2- course meal- 26.90 euros,   3-course meal- 41.30 euros

AUP SGA: Good news for students! The Student Government Association of the American University of Paris is having a Thanksgiving feast and students can eat for free. Though it is appreciated if side dishes are provided from the student’s side, such as green beans, mashed potatoes, or any other dish. A student ID is required. This dinner will take place in Paris’ American Church and reservations are recommended.

Time: 7 pm- 9 pm

Price: Complimentary for students

My Kitch’n: A previously mentioned, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. If you are vegan or vegetarian My Kitch’n will be hosting an all-vegan meal, everything cooked will be provided by nature. A few of those appetizing plates include cornbread, Mexican 3 bean, and corn salad, Mashed potatoes with sautéed mushrooms and onions, Jalapeño corn and a lot more! Let’s not forget about dessert, three yummy options are provided including chocolate cherry pie, apple tart, and caramel pecan pumpkin cheesecake bites.

Time: 6:30 pm- 10 pm

Price: 25 euros per adult, 15 euros for children under 12 years of age, 20 euros to take- away

Local Bear: A restaurant owned by two Americans, who by the way makes incredible craft beers is inviting everyone to an affordable Thanksgiving meal with champagne included! It's always a party in Local Bear, if you want to have a fun time on this special day then we highly recommend heading over to this restaurant/ bar, you would also be supporting a local brewery.

Time: 7 pm- 11 pm

Price: 50 euros for one person, 90 euros for two people


Banksy and Picasso Exhibition

If you want to do something a little more different for Thanksgiving, there are two interesting exhibitions currently being displayed in Paris. Modern street art by famous artist Banksy has arrived in Paris and it’s causing a big commotion among locals and tourists. With Banksy’s museum being in Amsterdam everyone is seizing the opportunity to personally experience the immersive art created by this talented artist. Graffiti, urban art, and curious art lovers can see the artwork in Espace Lafayette- Drouot. Another unique form of art is by the well-known Picasso, and his work is being exhibited in Paris’ Picasso Museum. So, whether you’re looking for a modern or surrealism form of art to enjoy this holiday season then you now know that you have options.

cheers with beer

Bar to Bar

If you are in the mood to party on this day, there are a couple of places you can visit on Thanksgiving Day who have great deals and festive vibes.

The New Margen’s Pub: this pub will be throwing a mean Thanksgiving party! Composed of a variety of beer selections, great staff, and an open-minded atmosphere The New Margen’s Pub will be displaying the NFL match Lion vs. Bears and Cowboys vs. Bills, there will also be an after-work happy hour and chicken wings! Now, this is an American celebration.

Time: 5 pm- 4 am

Les Timbrés: Grab your friends and head over to Les Timbrés because on November 28 they will be having 2 euro Jager bomb shots and 5 euros for a blonde or IPA pint of beer! With that being said, if you are looking for affordable drinks before dinner or a place to have some fun, this is something unusual to do.

Time: 5 pm

Velvet bar Paris: Be thankful to be in Paris and celebrate with an international group of people in this networking gathering happening in Velvet bar Paris. Have a couple of beers and practice your English or your French with Parisian locals.

Time: 7 pm- 11 pm

O’Sullivan’s Backstage by the Mill: If you’re into video games and cosplay, O’Sullivan pub is coincidentally holding a rocking party! Best of all free entrance! If you come dressed up before 1 am you are guaranteed a complimentary shot, free entrance, and free drink? What more can you be thankful for? There will be a beer pong table, a DJ playing live music, and video games like Guitar Hero. The bar is located near Moulin Rouge and ID will be required.

Time: 11:30 pm- 5 am

English comedy

English stand-up comedy

Soothe your soul with some English standup comedy by two of the funniest French comedians in Paris. How to Become a Parisian in one hour by Olivier Giraud is a hit! Tickets sell out fast and his show is one of a kind. Olivier will have you laughing over his opinion about Parisians and visitors from around the world. If you’re lucky enough he’ll pick you to accompany him up on stage and win a complimentary copy of his bestselling book. Oh my god she’s Parisian is another hilarious show that you can’t miss, it’s really something different and a good idea if you have no plans for Thanksgiving. Julie Collas is a Parisian who knows how to truly speak her mind, from chaotic metro rides to rude Parisians in the street. With either show, you’ll learn or recognize a thing or two about the daily Parisian life.


Thanksgiving Jam session 

The Oasis 244: Having dinner while listening to some original songs, poems, and jokes from visitors and locals might just be a good idea on Thanksgiving. If you are willing to get up on stage of The Oasis 244, it is also an option! Go with friends or go alone, you’ll be crowded by a friendly environment of people who are out to express themselves. The open mic registration begins at 8 pm and ends at 11:30 pm.

Le Baiser Salé Jazz Club: If you’re in the mood for some jazz fusion, Le Baiser Salé has got your back. Known to be one of the best Jazz clubs in Paris and perfectly located in the center of the city this club will be open on Thanksgiving and a live band will display a variety of different tunes. Composed of international artists, you’ll get a good feel of what true jazz music sounds like. November 28’s schedule starts at 9:30 pm and includes:

  • Le Kian (Hervé Gourdikian): Saxophone
  • Kan (Mario Canonge): Piano
  • Titi (Thierry Fanfant): Bass
  • Kemp (Roger Biwandu): Drums

Tickets to Le Baiser Salé Jazz Club

new in theater

New in Theatre

Two highly rated shows currently new in theater are Opera de locos and Folia. These shows are a must for theater lovers, what do they both have in common? They both have a combination of different artistic styles. The Opera locos is a mix of you guessed it, Opera and humor. Not only do the artists on stage present an outstanding performance, but they do it while linking classic opera with modern pop and rock songs. The show is unique and humorous. No dialogue is required considering you only have to sit back, relax and enjoy the music. The 5 actors will certainly get a laugh out of you.

Folia is a blend of baroque music with contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet dance a very bold mix! You can’t go wrong witnessing this modern performance. With an emotional story, this show is said to be one of the best this year. It was created to eliminate any stereotypes there might be about different artistic genres, brilliantly blending them together this way creating awareness all artistic styles. Feel immersed into a delightful show for Thanksgiving, it will be worth it.


Painting Workshop

If you rather paint than observe a painting, a unique concept that might be a good option is joining Patuco’s painting workshop. You’ll feel like a true artist at the end of the class. Located in Patuco bar, for 35 euros you’ll have everything included for the workshop including the canvas, paint, and an apron for protection. Reservations for this event are required considering only a few spots are available. Have a drink and become like Banksy or Picasso with this exclusive class! Try something out of the ordinary this Thanksgiving.


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