7 Can’t Beat Parisian Jazz Clubs

  • October 11, 2019
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

Jazz might not have been founded in Paris, but Parisians sure love their soul music. Luckily for locals and visitors there are various clubs in town that play live jazz music of every genre. There is a lineup of international artists ready to hypnotize the crowd with their music styles. After having walked several hours around the Eiffel Tower, climbing stairs to get to the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, and moving around to other Parisian monuments were sure all you want to do is kick back and relax. Same goes for residents of Paris, after a hard day’s work we could imagine you just wanting to cool off with a drink in hand, some friends, and a little music. Here are 7 of our favorite Jazz spots in Paris for you to enjoy after a long day.

baiser jazz club

Le Baiser Salé Jazz Club

Set up by three Caribbean brothers in the 1980s, this club is always swarming with jazz fans and it’s because the musicians know exactly what it is that the crowd wants to hear. It is common for guests to enter the locale and sit in the bar downstairs to chat with friends, as the live band starts to perform, they begin to hear delightful music coming from the upper side of the club, that beautiful melody coming from the trumpet, piano, and enchanting vocalist is what captivates people. This however is nothing like your traditional jazz club, Baiser Salé delivers a fusion of rock, Latin rhythm, and Caribbean jazz from uprising as well as recognized artists from Latin America and from all over the world. The café has allowed new artists to flourish and flaunt their music on stage in front of people of different cultures. Considering the place is quite small and very homey it gets jam packed with visitors who all come for the special cocktails and of course the music. Getting early to this locale is a must!

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Sunset-Sunside club

Le Sunset- Sunside

Also coincidentally having been open for 36 years and counting and located in the center of Paris in between the popular Forum des Halles mall and the Pompidou museum, Le Sunset-Sunside is trendy American jazz bar. Unlike any other, customers get to experience the sounds of upbeat contemporary jazz by a live band in a basement located beneath the bar above, where by the way smoother jazz music such as the blues is being played. The acoustics seem to sound fairly better in a closed space underneath the city of lights, though the venue does not only take place in the locale, it also tours around the city of Paris in concert events which you can find on their website. Considering their name, you would think Sunset- Sunside is one jazz club, but it’s not. Sunset club has more of an electric jazz vibe, and it takes place in their basement while Sunside is dedicated to playing classic acoustical jazz located above the basement. Open 7 days a week this place attracts many music lovers with its intoxicating tunes consisting of contemporary music such as gypsy jazz and other trending sounds.

Le Duc de Lombards club

Le Duc des Lombards

When talking about spending an unforgettable time, its best to head over to Le Duc des Lombards. This venue has opened its doors to many talented artists, some of which are very well-known in the music industry, Ahmed Jamal for instance. One thing that differs this joint from the other is the fact that guests get the opportunity to enjoy listening to an assortment of harmonious jazz all while savoring on some its mouth- watering dishes from the various options offered in the restaurant’s menu. Sorry, did we forget to mention Le Duc des Lombards also had a restaurant? After special events the club offers the public some after hours jam sessions with special guest musicians who plat instruments so amazingly that it will blow your mind. The place only accommodates about 80 to 100 people, so if you want to watch the show you better be swift.

Le Caveau de la Huchette

Le Caveau de la Huchette

Do you remember watching that specific scene in the movie La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone where there’s a live jazz band and a guy playing the trumpet very professionally in a dark room as people are dancing swing? Well, that my friend is Le Caveau de la Huchette. Need we say more? This is an extraordinary place to visit at night if you’re looking to dance to the music of talented instrumentalists. Let your self be carried away by the sounds of the drums and the beautiful singer singing a classic song, all happening in a small cave underground, hence the name Caveau meaning cave in French.

le petit journal

Le Petit Journal Montparnasse

In the heart of a very touristic district where you can find food from all over the world including people from all over the world, is Le Petit Journal Saint- Michel located in the Latin Quarter. If you’re looking to try traditional French cuisine while listening to classical New Orleans jazz that is all the rage, Le Petit Journal is where it’s at. Here you’ll mistakenly believe you have been transported back to the late 20s early 30s in the mystical streets of Louisiana or Chicago.

La Belleviloise

La Belleviloise

An area popular to young Parisian locals, there is a joint with the name of the district, La Belleveloise. We confirm that this place is always up and alive and on weekends it’s swarming with individuals of all ages. So if you like your places full of people dancing the night away, then this is your place. La Bellevilloise next to Baiser Salé is our favorite place to be, it does not only have a jazz and playing on certain days but it also presents different types of contemporary music from salsa, electro, kizomba, and many other genres depending on the day. The best part about this café/bar is that it has two floors. The underground floor always has a live band of musicians ready to make the crowd go wild, at instances they also get off stage and play their instruments alongside the audience who get excited start to record them performing up close and personal. During the days this spunky café turns into the best place to shake that body like never before.

bal blomet club

The Bal Blomet

Not a lot of individuals know about except some locals, so we will tell you a little secret. The legendary cabaret/ jazz club, Bal Blomet in Paris has been around since 1924! Now here is a true authentic jazz joint that was inaugurated during the age of the jitterbug. It can greet up to 250 guests in its beautifully warm locale. It has a multicultural scene consisting of not only classical jazz but also comedy, fine arts, and concerts. It might not be located in the very center of Paris, but it is in the 15th arrondissement another celebrated area among Parisians. Before heading to Bal Blomet, we recommend checking out their event calendar to see when is the next time they will be hosting a live band.


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