What’s on in Paris? Live Events in November 2023

  • November 1, 2023
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  • Clara Palas

Translated from French by Angela Spidahl

What’s On in Paris? Live Events in November 2023

Looking for things to do in Paris this November 2023? Whether it’s theatre, opera, ballet, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t Miss These Shows in Paris in November 2023!

• Cendrillon (Cinderella) at the Opéra Bastille

(Until the 16th of November 2023)
Discover a hidden Cinderella tale, overlooked by Disney’s traditional adaptation, now playing at the Opéra Bastille. Unlike the family friendly classic, this version plays with clichés, offering a realistic twist with Belle Époque staging. Starring Jeannie de Bique and Paula Murphy as Cinderella and Prince Charming, this cast ditches the pumpkin carriage while preserving the story’s childlike soul.
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• Macbeth Underworld at Opéra Comique

(Until November 12, 2023)
Immerse yourself into Macbeth Underworld, a reinvention of one of Shakespeare’s most iconic tragedies, Macbeth, where you will be following the journey of Macbeth and his wife, who were in the pursuit of power, to commit murder and found themselves trapped in an operatic limbo condemned to re-live their past actions consequences as they descend into madness in an otherworldly realm guarded by nightmarish beings. In this operatic version, remastered by Pascal Dusapin who’s dark and gloomy yet catchy music and aesthetics will leave you stupefied.
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• Jerome Robbins at Palais Garnier

(Until November 10, 2023)
Celebrate Jerome Robbins’ 100th anniversary at Palais Opera Garnier until November 10th. Witness his legacy in En Sol, In the Night, and The Concert, blending classical and modern dance. Enhance your experience with champagne, a program, and an exclusive visit to Salon Liebermann, Robbins' cherished space. Immerse yourself in the genius of Jerome Robbins and his lasting impact on the world of dance.
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Theatre in Paris’ Top Shows for November 2023

Eiffel Tower Concert Series

(All Year Long)
Transport yourself to the top of the Eiffel Tower and get ready to experience one of the best concerts money can buy in Paris. Overlook the City of Lights while listening to peak classical music.
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• Lion King The Musical Théâtre Mogador

(All Year Long)
Step into Simba's world and immerse yourself in the enchanting musical universe of The Lion King at Théâtre Mogador. Follow Simba's epic journey to fulfil his destiny as the King of the Lions. With extravagant costumes, colourful makeup, a majestic Serengeti Plain backdrop, and captivating African tones, this grand production featuring powerful voices will mesmerize you, your kids, and your family.
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• Los Guardiola - The Comedy of Tango

(All Year Long)
If you prefer a dynamic, dancing duo, take your seat at Theatre Essaïon where you will not only burst into tears thanks to this quirky show, but also be mesmerized by the duo that is as syncopated as they are touching Secure your spots while you still can!
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Operas and Ballets in Paris in November 2023

Paris, the city of lights and love has also always been the home of cabarets, operas and ballets since the beginning of time offering everything from the classics at Chaillot National Dance Theatre to the breathtaking productions at Palais Garnier, Paris takes immense pride in its ongoing celebration of artistic diversity in opera and ballet.

Plays and classical theatre pieces playing in Paris in November 2023

As our name suggests, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the theatre shows you can catch this November 2023. Catch the world’s longest-running plays, or a couple of contemporary one-person comedies.

*In French, Surtitles in English (See dates on show page)

Stand-up playing in Paris in November 2023

Looking for a laugh while you’re in Paris? You’re in for a treat! See a Stand-up show in Paris where they debunk all the Parisian stereotypes or see some of the talent the comedy capital of France has to offer- the choice is in your hands!

*100% in English

Concerts in Paris in November 2023

Paris is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, and no visit to this enchanting city is complete without immersing yourself in its world-class classical music scene. Lucky for you, we have plenty of concerts playing this month! Here are a few of our favourites:

Cabarets in Paris in November 2023

While Paris is known for its beautiful concert halls, the city is also known for its thrilling alternative side in the form of cabaret shows. If you're looking for a night of glitz and glamour, then securing tickets for a cabaret show in Paris is an absolute must!

French classical shows in Paris in November 2023

Paris offers a tapestry of artistic experiences, including a longstanding tradition of hosting mesmerizing French classical shows that promise an extraordinary blend of thrills, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Lucky for you, there are even some playing this month! Here are some of our top picks:

*Surtitles in English (See dates on show page)
**Surtitles available for group requests

No matter what you choose to see this November 2023, you’re sure to make memories! Be sure to check out our website to plan your visit to Paris!


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