Paris by neighbourhood - discover secrets around every Parisian street corner

  • June 20, 2019
  • All things Paris
  • Amanda Mehtala

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Paris is simply the perfect city to go for a stroll in and see what discoveries are to be made around every corner. Each and every Parisian neighbourhood offers it's own charm just waiting to be uncovered. From the best coffee shop, a quirky museum, or a favourite local hangout spot, we're taking Paris neighbourhood by neighbourhood to bring you all the secrets. Our Neighbourhood Guide series will take you deep into all the best sectors of the City of Lights!

Place de la Bastille

Neighbourhood Guide to Bastille

A hotspot for trendy bars and boutiques, with an abundance of food, this neighbourhood is also a historic centrepiece of the city. It spreads out from the intersection of several of Paris’ main boulevards and a square full of revolutionary and contemporary history. Check out our guide for some ideas of what to see, eat, and learn around Bastille!

Discover our neighbourhood guide to Bastille


Neighbourhood Guide to République

Featuring an iconic monument to the French Republic, secret bars, an iconic theatre and multiple quirky museums, there is plenty to explore around Place de la République! Once you’ve taken your time to admire the famous statue in the square, use our guide to dive into the bustling neighbourhood which is full of secrets to discover!

Discover our neighbourhood guide to République

Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Neighbourhood Guide to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées

This iconic neighbourhood of Paris extends along one of the city’s longest avenues, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. A bustling high street of shops, restaurants, and not to mention cabaret houses, this quartier is packed with things to do, see and taste. Take a look at our recommendations for navigating the crowded street and stepping off the beaten avenue to discover what lies down the area’s lesser frequented side roads.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to the Champs-Élysées

Notre Dame

Neighbourhood Guide to the Latin Quarter

Just south of La Seine, in the heart of Paris, lies the Latin Quarter, an area boasting some of the city’s most celebrated monuments. The Latin Quarter attracts one of the most international crowds in Paris and is always packed with a variety of people, guaranteeing any visitor a lively experience. Follow our guide to discover all that this international, vibrant and historic district has to offer!

Discover our neighbourhood guide to the Latin Quarter

Tour de Montparnasse

Neighbourhood Guide to Montparnasse

This bustling neighbourhood, on the left bank of the Seine, is located within the city’s 14th arrondissement. Montparnasse is home to many theatres, museums and art halls, giving it a reputation for being the artistic hub of Paris. It’s a more modern neighbourhood than many other districts, featuring the only skyscraper within city limits, a busy train station and filled with shopping, culture, food and nightlife. Our guide will show you the attractions worth your time so you can absorb everything possible in this artistic heart of Paris.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to Montparnasse

Paris 16th arrondissement

Neighbourhood Guide to the 16th Arrondissement

Here you can find some of the city’s best art, one of its biggest parks and beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Comparable to New York’s Upper East Side, the 16th maintains an affluent but charming village atmosphere. Not to mention its spectacular views of the one and only Eiffel Tower. Take a look at our guide to discover the best of this sometimes underrated neighbourhood.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to the 16th arrondissement

Palais Garnier

Neighbourhood Guide to Opéra

Centered around the impressive and opulent Palais Garnier, Opéra is a must-see neighbourhood in Paris’ chic 9th arrondissement. Culturally rich and brimming with bistros, boutiques and, most importantly, playhouses, this area is also the heart of Paris’ vibrant theatre district. Follow this guide to have yourself a classy soirée at the opera or a dose of side-splitting comedy.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to Opéra

Marais Falafel shops

Neighbourhood Guide to the Marais

A neighbourhood with one of the most intriguing histories in Paris, this quaint little area was one of the few to emerge unscathed Haussmanns’ renovations of Paris. That means it retains its narrow, cobbled and winding streets. Once a swamp, Le Marais has since become a melting pot of Jewish culture, LGBT bars, and trendy vintage clothes shops. The area has so much to offer that it is easy to get lost: read through our guide to keep yourself on track on this winding collection of sidestreets.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to the Marais


Neighbourhood Guide to Montmartre

Of all the neighbourhoods in Paris, Montmartre is up there with the most iconic. ‘Up’ being the keyword, because these hilltop streets sit 430 ft above the rest of the city. Their rustic cobbles, winding corners, and sudden viewpoints give Montmartre a quaintness beyond your average Parisian picturesque.

Discover our neighbourhood guide to Montmartre

photo chatelet tourist

Neighbourhood guide to Châtelet les Halles

From trendy cafés to art galleries and an enormous mall, Châtelet les Halles is the heartbeat of the city. Full of modern art and activities, find out our best picks for you to enjoy all the secrets of this neighbourhood.

Discover our neighbourhood Guide to Châtelet les Halles