Theatre in lockdown - week 3

  • 3 avril 2020
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Aysha Ferullo

Happy third week of lockdown to one and all. While we’re all getting used to this new way of living, it’s important that we still keep our creative juices flowing. Here’s our rundown of the things that have kept us most inspired this week. 


Be sure to keep an eye out for all of our new and updated blog posts! Here’s what we had to offer this week. 

We caught up with one of our musical composer friends who is currently under quarantine in Paris. She talked us through the ins and outs of her daily life under lockdown and offered some insight into how she keeps her spirits lifted during this delicate period. It was truly motivating for us, check it out!

If you’re interested in brushing up on your Parisian theatre history, head over and have a look at our post on the Opéra Garnier. Our informative piece on this intricate building will certainly enrich your knowledge of the Parisian theatre scene, and maybe even inspire you to start booking your next show for this autumn!

In a similar vein, having a read of our Pierre Corneille blog post is another great way to nourish your French theatre palette, giving you an insight into the life of ‘the French Sophocles.’ Author of over 30 plays, he’s certainly one you’ll want to know about!

If you’re a Les Misérables fan, then our recently updated Victor Hugo blog post is sure to be worth getting into, filling you in on Hugo’s life pre and post-Les Mis. While you’re at it, have another listen to the soundtrack we all know and love here.  


This week was no exception to the trend of theatres offering shows for streaming, you may have heard the news that London’s National Theatre will start broadcasting a selection of its productions online for free. You’ll be able to access these productions on YouTube – all shows will be available for seven days after their release. This week brought us James Corden as Francis Henshall in One Man Two Guvnors – a true classic!

Social Media

Social media didn’t fail to deliver this week either, namely with our friend Veronique who honoured the Eiffel Tower on its 131st birthday on the 31st March. Veronique is the spirit behind French Girl in Seattle Takes France – check out her Facebook post here! 

Julie Collas also took to Facebook this week, sending us an entertaining video from the outside world (pre-quarantine), with a myriad of marriage proposals performed throughout the beautiful Paris. The Oh My God She’s Parisian star never fails to amuse – check out the clip here! 

One of our personal favourites from this week was the French national orchestra’s YouTube video, documenting them playing Maurice Ravel’s Le Boléro from their respective homes. It truly felt like we were back watching them in the flesh!

Tickets for the Lion King the musical have also been on sale this week, be sure to book them for this autumn!

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