Bachelorette Party in Paris

  • 16 août 2019
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

Wedding bells are near, and you’ve been asked to be your friend’s maid of honor, Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan. Forget about Vegas, that idea is too mainstream. Think big, think Paris, this is where unforgettable memories are made. Of course, we do recommend checking off your list all the cliché activities such as taking pictures jumping in front of the Eiffel tower, sipping some coffee by a cute little café, or even eating a croissant in one of Paris’s boulangeries. If you want to discover other idiosyncratic activities you and the girls can do in Paris, we’ve got you covered. Theatre in Paris is here to help you organize your friend’s bachelorette celebration with a list of common yet out of the ordinary places you guys can visit.

making macaroons

Who’s up for making some desert?

While in France do as the French do, and what’s one thing the French do best? If you said making pastry then ding ding ding you are right! Who can resist delicious macaroons, croissants, pain au chocolate, and eclairs? Not us that’s for sure. Thinking about the variety of scrumptious desserts Paris has to offer making your mouth water? Now just picture yourself and the girls sharing some laughs while pressing down on some dough making some dessert during a private French pastry lesson composed entirely in English. If the idea sounds enticing then we have just the place for you, Patisserie à la Carte. What makes the chef’s at Patisserie à la Carte so unique is their love for pastry making and teaching others how to make croissants that will melt in your mouth with just one bite. Experience the ultimate culinary art of pastry making.

Lido de Paris cabaret

Good old-fashioned cabaret

What’s a bachelorette festivity without a steamy cabaret performance? The performers in Paradis Latin are extremely talented and are sure to give you guys an act you’ll never forget. You won’t want to keep your eyes off the stage from the moment the show starts, the dancers will grab your attention through personal interaction, classy striptease, and special effects. This cabaret is as French as it will get, considering most of the audience is French. The ambiance in Lido De Paris cabaret show is also on another level, it even offers champagne included with the show. This traditional cabaret will surely dazzle all of you with the performers extravagant and feathery apparel, the outfits are one thing, but the acts are something else! Dance routines, flexible men and women performing acrobatic acts, live songs by reviewed singers and did we mention the show is choreographed by Franco Dragone, the artistic director who worked side by side with Cirque du Soleil? You can take our word that by the end of the night, you ladies will be feeling as sensual as the dancers on stage.


Sing your heart out

Stop singing in the shower and head to a karaoke bar. Karaoke night is a classic, it allows you to express yourself while singing out loud to the songs of Whitney Houston or Jennifer Lopez. Imagine the bride to be singing “Run the World” by Beyoncé. The list of karaoke bars in Paris goes on and on but we will be giving you the names of some of our favorites starting with the most popular BAM Karaoke bar. BAM is one of the most visited karaoke bars in the city, its bright lights and themed rooms will attract visitors from more than a mile away. Perks about this location include booking a private room to jam out with the girls and being able to send BAM the music playlist of your choice before arriving at the bar. Concerto Karaoke Box is a charming karaoke bar located in the heart of Paris and it entails private soundproof lounges where you and the girls can get as rowdy as you want. Want to know the best part? The entrance can be as low as 4 euros and it’s a BYOB bar! Meaning you don’t have to buy a drink at the bar because you can bring your own inside!

comedy show

Life is better when you’re laughing

They say laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to have a laugh than with a girly rom-com. The best comedy shows that are out now are An American in Paris and Funny Girl. These two shows have a couple of things in common starting with romance, chasing dreams, and the fact that they were both nominated for Tony award-winning musicals. An American in Paris is about an American who moved to Paris to follow his dreams of becoming a painter and ended up falling in love with a beautiful Parisian woman and their journey starts from there. Funny girl is based on the true story of Fanny Brice who does whatever it takes to become a Broadway star and throughout the course ends up falling in love with a gambler who sadly ends up in jail. These two acts will have you and the girls in pure awe.

pole dancing classes

Pole dancing

 Every girl has thought about taking pole dancing classes at least once in their life and if you haven’t tried it before now is the perfect opportunity. You can book a private bachelorette event consisting of one or multiple pole dancing classes in Pink School. What better way to get energized than with a pole dancing class! You ladies will leave the class having learned some new tricks and a thing or two about combining dance procedures with acrobatic moves through sensual choreography taught by highly qualified teachers in the studio. Although pole dancing classes have become a trend (and the fastest way to a slim figure), Pink School also offers other dance routines such as Zumba, Yoga, and Cabaret chair workout. In the mood to work up some sweat? then just swing by the exuberant Pink School, located near the famous Champs Elysées.

abandoned railtrack

Picture perfect memories

A picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to get those memories flowing than with a superlative photographic view of the best monuments in Paris. Paris is known to be one of the cities with the most beautiful sceneries, from the classic Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, and Moulin Rouge. What if we told you we had the perfect spots picked out for you to impress the future bride with stunning photographs of incredible backgrounds that she will keep in her album for years to come? You can find many professional photographers in Paris that will provide you with high quality service and immaculate pictures, all that is left is choosing the locations. We recommend heading to Rue Crémieux, the neighbourhood is mind-blowing and will have you feeling as if you were in a magical place. The variety of colorful houses will add a distinctive look to the photos and make it seem as if you guys had landed in a fairytale. If you head towards the Eiffel tower for an unforgettable photograph it might get a little complicated with all the tourists getting in the way. The perfect spot to be in is Trocadero, here you will notice a perfect view of the Eiffel tower and if you go at just the right time you guys will have enough space to have a clear image of the Iron Lady without any tourists in the background. Finally, our personal favorite location for a bachelorette photography session would have to be Le Petit Ceinture. Not a lot of people know about this place, but it is one of the most picture-perfect spots in the city. Le Petit Ceinture was once a railway line that was later closed and is now covered with green all over and in some areas, it also displays colorful graffiti art.


Time for wine

Not only is Montmartre one of the most iconic and most visited areas in the city of Paris, but it also holds a very hidden gem that has been around since the 1930s, were referring to the vineyard on Montmartre hill. Clos Montmartre is more than 1,500 square meters long and the only vineyard within the city center of Paris! It isn’t very easy to find, and therefore a lot of people miss it when visiting Montmartre. This is the perfect place to visit to taste some delicious wine straight from the vineyard where it was made. Booking your tour ahead of time is required, this can be achieved through the Montmartre tourist office. So, have some laughs and sip some French wine because the party is just beginning.

bar sign

Bar Crawl

At this point in the night, it’s time to dress to impress. Put on your best outfit and head to some of the most iconic bars in the city that offer unique concepts, fancy drinks, and winsome waiters. If you want to make friends in an uncommon way, then Le Social Bar (website in french) is the place to be. Meeting people can be a bit intimidating for some people, which is why this bar came up with the idea of creating games and icebreakers to get customers talking. If you and the girls are looking to find something a bit spicier, Le Calbar would be perfect. We’d like to think of Le Calbar as an American Hooters but with men and in a bar instead of a restaurant. The dress code in this bar…is a bit different. In Bisou bar you can expect to be served a unique drink, nothing like the ordinary classics. A sip of these drinks will have your tastebuds going wild with a twist of sorbets and seasonal ingredients especially made according to your taste. The bar is also extravagantly decorated with flamingo wall décor in the bathrooms, pink walls in the main rooms, marble counter, and exotic lamps.


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