15 Non-Touristy Things To Do in Paris

  • 17 mars 2022
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Faith Hotchkiss and Victoire Groz

Are you looking to visit Paris without looking too much like a tourist? Lucky for you we have put together a list of our 15 favorite things to do in Paris that wouldn’t be too touristy. This will help you stay out of the crowds and experience all the culture Paris has to offer.

1. Bask in the Glory of the Sainte-Chapelle and Classical Music

Discover the orchestras of Paris at an evening in one of the most famous churches in Paris, the Sainte-Chapelle. This magnificent church is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris and has much to offer you. Numerous celebrations are held during the week or even on Sundays. So don't wait any longer, come and admire the magnificence and listen to some of the most famous masterpieces in music history!

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2. Discover the Different Flavors of Ladurée Macarons

Spread out throughout Paris, the Laudurée macaroons have been a fan favorite amongst the locals. If you find yourself in the Jardin Tuileries, be sure to stop by the Ladurée and do a tasting with your friends in the garden. There are flavors ranging from pistachio to mimosa to even Marie-Antionette tea. With Spring coming this is the perfect activity to enjoy a weekend in the Parisian sun and all while eating decadent macaroons.

3. Learn about French culture through very Parisian comedy

Theater in Paris offers tickets to two spectacular comedy shows about life in Paris. One is How To Become A Parisian in One Hour and the other is Oh My God She’s Parisian! These two shows will take you through a crash course for all things Paris! Julie, a long-time Parisian and stand-up comedian will take you through life in Paris post-covid, from social distancing on metros to bicycle traffic jams. You’ll be sure to leave with a new, funnier, outlook on Paris. For over 10 years Olivier Giraud has been teaching visitors How To Become A Parisian in One Hour. During this show, you’ll learn how to dine, date, and almost everything in between. It’ll be sure to leave you in stitches. If you’re looking for a night out full of laughter, look no further.

4. Take a walk down the Grands Boulevards of Paris to discover the Belle Époque

There is no better way to discover the area around the Grands Boulevards district of Paris than to start from Place de l’Opera to see all the art in culture Paris has in store for you. If you arrive from the metro station pyramids and walk towards Place de l’Opera you are met with a magnificent, growing view of Palais Garnier, the famous Italian-style opera house. Take yourself back to the Belle Époque in Paris by walking through these boulevards and seeing cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and theatres adorned with 18th and 19th-century architecture. If at the end of the day you wish to end your night like a true king or queen, book your tickets to see one of the many famous operas playing in Paris.

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5. Join the Crazy Horse Cabaret for an exclusive dinner and show

The Cabaret Crazy horse Paris offers packages in partnership with famous Parisian restaurants that serve nothing but the best typical French meals. You can choose between visiting the restaurant before or after the representation and if you’re really feeling up to it, include an exclusive tour! There are different formulas at affordable prices. Click on the link in order to book in advance a formula to spend a pleasant Parisian evening!

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6. Picnic in Buttes Chaumont park!

Situated in the northeast of Paris in the 19th arrondissement, Buttes-Chaumont Park is one of the largest green spaces in Paris. As you waltz through the park, look at the myriad of trees and birds; in addition, stop and grab something from the many restaurants within the park. This hilly park offers beautiful views of the city and even a lake; it's perfect for picnics, reading, or even just basking in the sun.

7.See Cabaret Burlesque on one of Paris’ famous riverboats, La Nouvelle Seine!

Sit back and relax on the Seine as you enjoy Cabaret Burlesque, a cheeky and comedic burlesque show. This show breathes new life into the age-old Parisian tradition! Immerse yourself in the Parisian life you’ve dreamed about by diving into this unbeatable retro cabaret show while drifting down the Seine and drinking a glass of champagne to celebrate.

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8. Have tea and croissants in the garden of The Museum of Romantic Life

This quiet, hidden garden is sure to take you back to the 19th century period of Romanticism. After strolling through the Musée de la Vie Romantique, or Museum of Romantic Life in English, be sure to stop in the garden and have some coffee, tea, and a croissant or little treat from the patisserie. Sit, read, or even meditate in this garden made for relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends, family, or even your own!

9. Take advantage of the international side of Paris and visit one of the famous jazz clubs

Looking for jazz in Paris? We know two perfect places for you. Visit Sunset Sunside Jazz Club, A two-level jazz club, for a myriad of musical genres to explore. On the ground floor, you’ll find Sunside devoted to acoustic jazz while underground you'll find Sunset, a cozy cave-life club, dedicated to electro-jazz and other international music. If you’re looking for a little more niche vibe head to visit Baiser Salé to see the world's up-and-coming new Latin artists as well as some musical veterans from all around! Get ready for some rock, Latin rhythm, and Caribbean jazz and be a part of this growing international movement of jazz and rock with a Latin flair.

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10. Eat at the Bouillon in Paris and see if you make their Instagram story

Grab a bite to eat Bouillon in Paris. Bouillon in Paris is part of the culinary history of the capital. This chain of restaurants continues to grow, there are several of them, whether it is the Bouillon Pigalle, the Bouillon Chartier, or the Bouillon Julien. Beautiful plates are served and especially the meat is highly regarded. So don't wait any longer to book seats to dine with your friends in this artisanal setting and see if you can make Bouillon’s famous Instagram stories!

11. Check out the famous markets at Aligre, Duhesme, Ordener, or Lena

A specialty of Parisian life is to go to the market on Sunday morning to buy good local products, whether it is fruits or vegetables but also meat or even flowers. There are several markets in Paris such as Aligre, Duhesme, Ordener or Lena. So don't wait any longer, come and discover the good French products at reasonable prices! These markets are open on weekends but also during the week.

12. Go to Place des Batignolles and listen to the musicians on the terrace on a nice summer night

The Batignolles district is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Paris. You can go for a walk in the small streets filled with beautiful stores but also sit on the terrace of the place des Batignolles to have a drink in the evening. This small square has a charming church surrounded by a multitude of small bars, where the atmosphere on the terrace is at the rendezvous every evening and mainly in summer. Often musicians come to animate this wonderful place. So don't wait any longer to come and discover this hidden square in the 17th arrondissement!

13. Visit the small, hidden passages of Paris

The beautiful city of Paris is full of unusual little passages. There are hundreds of them such as the passage des soupirs, the square Montsouris, the Cour du Bel-air, the passage de l'Ancre, the cité des fleurs or the cour Damoye. So don't wait any longer, get lost in the city and go discover these hidden Parisian treasures!

14. Go watch the children amazed in front of the puppets of Jardin du Luxembourg

Since 1933, the Puppet Theater of the Jardin du Luxembourg, or Luxembourg Garden in English, has been offering theater performances for children of all ages. Different plays such as tales or traditional stories are performed there mainly on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during the summer. Don't wait any longer to go and discover this magical place full of happy children in the Luxembourg garden (Paris 6th, on the side of the rue Guynemer)!

15. Take a rowing lesson on the Seine

Come discover Paris from the Seine. The Val de Seine Nautique Rowing Club offers you time slots to discover rowing in Paris. This sporty ride will not only allow you to do work as a team but also to discover the wonderful city of Paris seen from the Seine. Don't wait any longer, go book a time slot that suits you during your Parisian stay!

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