Theatre in Paris' Parisian Holiday Gift Guide

  • November 24, 2017
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Brakeley Bryant

Spending the holidays in Paris this year? Lucky you! However, if you're like us and never seem to have enough room in your suitcase for that extra pair of socks, let alone all the Christmas gifts you so carefully picked out, never fear! There are plenty of Parisian experiences and small souvenirs that are perfect for everyone on your list this holiday season, and won’t put your bag over the pesky airline weight limit. Everywhere you look in France, you seem to come across a new homemade specialty, from soaps and candles, to spices and jams. While the best way is to get it from the source, there are many times throughout the year when local artisans flock to the French capital to sell their delightful wares. If you are in Paris for the holidays, one of best ways to collect these handmade gifts is to visit one of the Paris Christmas markets, check out our list of fave locations here.

Whether you have a thrill seeker or workaholic on your holiday gift list, there’s a perfect Parisian present just waiting to be discovered. Of course, As we all know, the best gifts are shared experiences with our loved ones. So, for your pleasure, we have also included a recommendation, by yours truly, on which of our spectacular authentic Parisian shows is best for everyone on your list!

paris gift guide travel map

Paris presents for the traveler

Tickets to a Parisian musical!

From Broadway classics like Grease and Chicago, to intimate Parisian musicals about Edith Piaf and the Eiffel Tower, a truly Parisian musical is a perfect gift for any Paris-loving traveler! See what musicals are playing


Paris Museum Pass

This is perfect for those who want to take in all the spectacular sightseeings Paris have to offer without waiting in lines, the Paris museum pass grants access to over 50 of the city’s museums and monuments.


A Parisian Lifestyle Guide

One of our favorite guides to Paris out there, Messy Nessy Chic’s Don’t be a Tourist will give you to down low on authentic and underground Parisian life, including a feature of yours truly :).

paris gift guide comic

Paris Gifts For A Comic

Tickets to How to Become Parisian in One Hour

Perhaps the perfect Parisien satire, Olivier Giraud’s How to Become Parisian in One Hour will have even the toughest audience doubled over in laughter. The must-see show for anyone who can appreciate a good laugh at the expense of a few Parisian stereotypes. Book here!


Tickets to a comedy show

Situated in the attic of the SoGymnase theatre, The Great British American Comedy Night night is hailed by all as a hidden gem in Paris. With an audience of French, expats and curious persons alike, a night at this show is the perfect gift for any humourous anglophone!


Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner Gaul

This lesser-known book by Englishman Charles Timoney is the perfect Parisian, comedic gift. Poking fun at the enchanting absurdities of both French language and life, this book is the ideal present for anyone traveling to or within France.

romantic paris birds eiffel tower

Paris present ideas for the romantic

Tickets to see Cyrano de Bergerac

Set the mood with the romantic world of Cyrano. This hopeless love story will sweep your feet and having you falling for French theatre. Book here!


Macarons from Ladurée

What could be a better Parisian gift for your loved one, than some sweet treats? Although a little pricey, macarons from Ladurée are sure to never disappoint!


Book of Parisian poems from Shakespeare and Co.

Explore the walls of Paris’ most famous bookstore, known to house and inspire such writers as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and pick up a copy of some love poems for your special someone.

working desk bag laptop

Paris gift ideas for workaholics

Tickets to see The Cid

This rendition of Corneille’s Le Cid, equipped with heart-wrenching twists and turns of ancient feuds, is sure to captivate the attention of those on your list who seem to have left their head at the office. Book here!


A true Parisian candle

Give the gift of stress-relief in the best possible way with a candle from Claude Trudon, the oldest candle maker in the world.Known for perfumes and candles, this gift is sure to relax even the busiest person on your list.


Parisian coffee beans

Or, accept them for who they are and provide them with some Parisian home-grown coffee from Café Belleville to fuel all of their work day endeavors.

children eiffel tower paris

Paris Christmas gift ideas for kids

Tickets to see the musical magical Parisian performance

Many of our Parisian shows offer fun for the whole family! Spectacularly filled with music, magic, and miming, a ticket to this show is the perfect gift for the little ones on your list.  Book here!


A toy or game from Pain d'Épices

At the Pain d’épice you can find tradition French toys as well as modern and unique ones for the ages of 0 and up. What's more, they will even wrap for you in the store!


A treat from Le Bonbon au Palais

Christmas Candy? Don’t mind if we do! Pick some sweets up for the kids this holiday season, or even yourself ;), at this 1950s schoolhouse-inspired candy shop which has over three hundred sweet specialties!