New Year’s Eve 2019 in Paris

  • December 6, 2019
  • All things Paris
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and as 2019 comes to an end you’re probably trying to figure out what to do in Paris during this time. Don’t sweat it, there are plenty of places open during this holiday, it is Paris after all, there is a celebration for every occasion. To help ease your mind during your search, we’ve taken the liberty to make you a list of places offering an array of events to celebrate a new beginning. These places consist of a perfect view of the whole city, a boat party, and ice skating on the roof of the most popular shopping center in the city. Whatever the taste we’ve got it here jotted down.

Champs elysees

Champs Elysees

What more iconic place to celebrate the New Year than in the grand Champs Elysees? Paris’ City Hall has announced that this year everyone and we mean absolutely everyone is invited to head on over to the main street of Champs Elysees near the Arc de Triomphe and take pleasure in witnessing the most beautiful light display you may have ever seen on December 31st as the year comes to an end. An emotional tie will be felt towards this beautiful city and being surrounded by locals and people from all around the world. In addition to the wondrous light show, an array of colorful fireworks will also be lighting up the sky, illuminating the whole street as we reach 2020. After the countdown the party doesn’t end there, the streets will be crowded with people until late the next day. Note: the pre-show will begin at 11:20 pm.

champs e mars

Champs de Mars

If you wish to spend New Year’s Eve in the heart of Paris, there will be a big gathering in Champs de Mars also known as the park leading straight to the Eiffel Tower. It may be chilly outside but the view at midnight will be worth it. As the clock strikes 12 the iron lady will light up in mesmerizing colors to welcome a new year. This is one of many favored places to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and family. It’s recommended to take a blanket or a towel to sit on the grass and be sure to wear one of your coziest jackets this day. Though with so many people crowded together in this park there might be more body heat than chills. The gathering normally starts at 8 pm, unless you want to get there earlier to reserve the best spot in the house for a better view of the Eiffel Tower light show.

sacre coeur

Sacre Cœur

Less swarmed with people but still a good destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve is at the very top of Montmartre near the Sacre Coeur. Here you’ll find the best view in town of the whole city. From Sacre Coeur, you can witness the amazing fireworks going off in different districts in Paris, specifically in the 8th arrondissement in Champs Elysees, and you’ll get a glance at the luminescent Eiffel tower, as well as other parts of the city coming to life as people create parties in the streets. There is plenty to do around the area, there will be many shops and restaurants still open until late.

jules verne restaurant

Dinner and music in the heart of the Eiffel Tower

You would think the Eiffel Tower would be closed to the public on New Year’s Eve, right? Well, you’re wrong. There’s more than just one thing to do INSIDE the Eiffel Tower than just admire its structure. The Iconic monument’s restaurant will open during December 31st and serving up some delicious and scrumptious food to savor as the last meal of the year. Le Jules Verne is a well-rated restaurant who has acquired Michelin stars, meaning the food in the restaurant will not disappoint. The inside of the restaurant also offers a breathtaking view of Trocadero and Champs de Mars. If you’re not convinced about having dinner in the heart of the Eiffel Tower, then why not try attending a classical music concert on the second floor of the historical monument? The Eiffel Tower Concert Series will include a live orchestra composed of violins and a vocalist bringing back all classic hits by Strauss, Mozart, Bellini, and other unforgettable composers. This can be a magical night, an unforgettable New Year’s Eve well spent in a gem cherished by all of France.


Go to a cabaret

If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary experience, an uncommon place to celebrate the New Year would be in a Parisian cabaret….and by uncommon we mean pretty common amongst visitors in comparison to locals. We can assure you there will be a full house in these enticing locals. First on the list is none other than Crazy Horse Cabaret Show. The venue will be open to everyone on New Year’s Eve and you can celebrate 2020 with the sexy ladies of Crazy Horse in the most glamorous way. A special performance will take place in Crazy Horse on New Year’s Eve, but we don’t want to spoil the rest you’ll just have to find out for yourself. The second most visited cabaret in Paris with a Las Vegas theme is Lido de Paris! Lido is known for the beautiful Blue Bell girls of all body structure and their eye-catching costumes tailored made just for them. Before the stroke of midnight guests will take delight in listening to a live band performance apart from watching the dancers perform on stage and once midnight strikes everyone in the crowd can get up from their seats and take advantage of the dancefloor, talk about a great start to a new year.

boat ride

River’s King boat party

Two musical atmospheres playing all the hits in heated rooms to keep warm from this harsh weather, 5€ Mojitos, a stretched terrace that can fit as many people as on the dance floor, and a killer view of the Eiffel Tower from the water. This is all anyone has ever dreamed about when thinking about a boat party. Boat River’s King is throwing the best boat get-together for New Year’s Eve, you can meet people or just hang out with friends, but it will definitely be a legendary night. It all starts at 8 pm, but the boat sails at 10 pm.


New Year’s at the theatre

It’s always show time in Parisian theatres and there are a couple of grand shows that are still playing during New Year’s Eve as well as in New Year’s Day. You have to give it to the performers, this is true dedication. There’s a mix of comedy, classics, feisty combinations, Broadway Hit Musicals, and ballet. Before the celebration begins, why not spend the last few hours of your day in a cozy theatre?

Folia: Highly recommended! You can take my word for it. The show is put together through different dance choreography that tells a powerful story that is not very direct but still comprehensive. The talented dancers share the stage with a couple of props, but their body movements throughout the show is what really grabs the audience’s attention. From flips to twists and turns the performers do an excellent job of portraying modern dance with a twist of ballet. The main opera singer will also give you chills with her incredible voice and it adds just the right touch to the whole show.

Ghost: Once a beloved movie, now a Broadway Hit Musical that audience members cannot get enough of. Featuring Claudia Tagbo as Oda Me, a woman who really knows how to steal the show away with her humor and Moniek Boersma and Gregory Benchenafi as Molly and Sam. The show is featured in one of the oldest and most luxurious theatres in Paris, Théâtre Mogador. Ghost is the story of true love defying all obstacles in its way, it will give you a nostalgic feeling but there are humorous scenes as well. Definitely worth a look.

How to Become a Parisian in one hour: Olivier Giraud has been performing for about 10 years now and his show is still the number one hit in all of Paris. Thousands of audience members attend his evening comedy event to see what all the fuss is about. He has both the French and tourist alike talking about his hilarious comments about Parisians and clueless international visitors. Just attending his show one time you will learn the ins and outs about what it means to live amongst Parisians, the do’s and don’ts. 

Swan Lake: A classic piece written by Tchaikovsky, need we say more? This ballet performance has stolen the hearts of millions since 1894 with its perfect choreography and emotional storyline demonstrated within the dance steps. The dramatic performance still remains a favorite being that it is difficult not to relate and reflect our own emotions within the dance itself like romance and struggle which is integrated into the storyline. After a successful show last year with the Nutcracker, this year Theater des Champ Elysees decided to give Swan Lake a go and tickets are selling like hotcakes.

The Opera Locos: You put five diva actors together with voices to kill all fighting to be the center of attention on stage then add a combination of humor and opera mixed together and you’ve got one crazy show. You will not feel the time pass in this surprisingly good performance. Considering it’s a modern playwright there will be classic opera and a few contemporary pop songs such as Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. An hour and 15 minutes full of fun for you and the whole family.

Discover all the shows on New Year’s


Latino New Year

If you want to celebrate New Year’s the Latino way then make your way towards Cubana Café! Travel to La Havana without leaving Paris. There will be a special menu set up just for this special occasion consisting of various dishes such as ceviche, foie gras, lobster and more. The party will go on all night, visitors will dance salsa and bachata until the break of dawn with a live DJ playing some favorites. Best of all the entrance is free from 8 pm. Expect to sweat the night away and move those feet because you will be dancing your way to 2020.

ice skating

Ice skating in Galeries Lafayette

In summer Galeries Lafayette welcomes guests to enjoy its large rooftop terrace with an outstanding view of the city and tasty food from its vegan restaurant. During winter time people are still able to take advantage of this rooftop considering it turns into an ice-skating rink! An unusual thing to experience especially because of such height, but breathtaking really. Spend the last magical day of 2019 ice- skating in one of the most visited shopping centers in Paris. While heading upstairs you can also admire the tall, yet beautifully decorated Christmas tree located right in the center of the mall. During this season Galeries Lafayette also adorns its windows with Christmas displays filled with toys mechanically moving as if they were alive. We know it’s no longer Christmas by this time, but there’s something special about this elaboration.


2020 Parties

Normally Parisians throw a house party to celebrate the New Year with friends, and it is common for someone to post about it in Facebook groups inviting people to join them. If you have not been invited to a house party for December 31st, don’t worry because there are plenty of people celebrating New Year’s Eve in a Parisian club. There are many locals open all night to welcome 2020. Spend a unique evening in Le Pavillon Wagram in a Masquerade Ball. The 3-story mansion offers an unforgettable night with a large dancefloor to dance the night away to your favorite songs and a perfect view of the Arc de Triumph. Masks will be provided for guests at the entrance so there’s no need to bring your own…unless you want to. Another themed party happening on New Year’s Eve will take place in The Hoxton Paris, you’ll be transported back to the roaring twenties during the Midnight in Paris party. At the party there will be a dinner buffet, champagne, a DJ, surprises, a photo booth, should we say more?