Grease, The Musical - A Look At The Stars

  • September 13, 2017
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Meet the Parisian stars behind Grease, The Musical - with English subtitles

Sandy in Grease

Grease, The Musical's French 'good girl'

Let's start with Sandy Dubrowski, the Australian sweetheart and good girl from the beloved musical, Grease, is one of the most well known characters in the world of Broadway musicals. When Grease hit the big screen in 1978, the role of Sandy was played by Olivia Newton-John, and became one of the most praised roles in her entire career.

With the upcoming performance of this well-known musical taking the Parisian stage at Theatre Mogador with English subtitles, we strongly believe that Olivia would agree that France’s very own Alyzée Lalande is the perfect fit to star as Sandy in this French adaptation of Grease, the musical. Alyzée made her grand debut in the musical Notre Dame de Paris starring as as Fleur-de-Lys at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Before, the French actress and singer studied drama and operatic singing at the prestigious Conservatoire de Massy, located just south of Paris. This year she also starred in a short film, Beyond the Light, that also starred her fellow costar in Grease, Alexis Loizon.

Danny from Grease

Grease, The Musical's Parisian 'bad boy'

The bad-boy role of Danny Zuko has had numerous skilled actors hold the role in both the musical on stage and in the cinemas, but probably most memorable was John Travolta who starred in the 1978 Grease movie.

For the upcoming French adaptation with English subtitles of this timeless, catchy musical, the role of the leather-wearing greaser is being played by someone who’s no stranger to the stage or screen. French actor, Alexis Loizon, will be taking Paris by storm with his incredible performing abilities acting as Danny Zuko in Grease, at Theatre Mogador in the heart of Paris’ theatre district. He might be a familiar face to you if you saw the 2017 adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. He first came into the director’s attention as a potential actor for the role of Gaston, but was cast as Stanley, one of Gaston’s henchmen.

Alexis’ acting career started at a young age and he’s been dazzling on the stages of Paris in numerous musicals and plays such as Footloose, Romeo and Juliette, and Aladdin Makes a Wish. During the rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast he was often coaching the chorus how to properly say French words, particularly “bonjour” for the film’s opening musical number. Who better, then, to represent the iconic duo from Grease than Alexis and Alyzée? We've seen them first hand and couldn't be more impressed.