A backpacker's guide through Paris

  • March 6, 2020
  • All things Paris
  • Aysha Ferullo

We’ve all been there; arriving in a city hitherto unexplored with a 40-litre rucksack and battered guidebook in your back pocket, itching to see what the potential new playing field has to offer. But then realisation strikes as you remember that you’re desperately lacking in a very important ingredient typically required to enjoy travel – sufficient funds. It may seem that having the money to explore Paris isn’t on the cards for everybody, especially if you’re passing through a few other cities on your European adventure. But worry not – we’ll show you how you can experience full Parisian immersion without giving your budget too hard a time! 


What to see

You can’t spend a day in Paris without experiencing the art of the city. There are plenty of reasonably priced shows made accessible to English speaking audiences through the use of subtitles. Try your hand at seeing Molière’s Dom Juan – a French classic! It’ll have you laughing in your seats for the full hour and a half. With tickets from as reasonable as 25€, you’ll have trouble staying away from the beautiful Théâtre Ranelagh! 

Address: 5 rue des Vignes - 75016

Extra tip: Located in the 16th district of Paris, you’re happily within reach of Il Cottage, a charming bar – popular among students and open until 23h, giving you the perfect amount of time to squeeze in some post-theatre hydration.

Address: 1 Boulevard Lannes - 75116


Book tickets to see Molière's Dom Juan

sainte chapelle

A sight to behold

If you’re more of a music lover, pay a visit to the Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series for a tranquil evening of violin and cello. Located in the French gothic hub of Sainte-Chapelle, it’s bound to be an all-encompassing journey in safely putting your day to bed. Tickets start at a humble 18€ per person, making it truly accessible to all. Happy listening! 

Address: 8 Boulevard du Palais - 75001 

Book tickets to see the Sainte-Chapelle concert series

jard du lux

What to do:

Is there anything more idyllic than the thought of meandering through Parisian rues without a care in the world? Taking a walk is the perfect way to pass the time and see the city. The best thing about going for a stroll is they are, of course, totally free! Our favourite walks include a trip from the Louvre to and around Jardin des Tuileries, some of the world’s best-known gardens, and for good reason! Another enjoyable stroll is a true classic; it’s taking a trip along the Left Bank of the Seine- try it on a Sunday and pick up a second-hand treasure from one of the many bookstalls dotted down the river. 

The parks of Paris are a sight to behold, and in this city, you’re simply spoilt for choice. Our favourite parks include Jardin du Luxembourg in the sixth district of Paris – an impressive landscape with a plethora of flowers, statues - even pony rides. Alternatively, Parc Monceau displays a myriad of cultures, housing a bridge from Venice, a Chinese pagoda, and an Egyptian pyramid, to name a few. Located in the eighth district of Paris, get off the metro line 2 at Monceau (or simply walk) for a day of cultural enrichment. 

So, take it all in – Paris is your oyster!


Fill up without emptying the bank:

Food is essential, and unfortunately tough to swing for free in Paris, but don’t worry – there are plenty of options that will more than suffice. 

One of our top picks is the taqueria Candelaria – be sure to stop by on a Tuesday for 2euro tacos!

Address: 52 Rue de Saintonge - 75003

If Mexican isn’t your cup of tea, try Kunitoraya, located in Paris’ unofficial Japanese quarter: Rue Saint-Anne. With a selection of Japanese ‘tapas’, ordering a few of these small plates is a guaranteed palette-pleaser.

Address: 39 Rue Saint-Anne - 75001

If you’re eager to squeeze more out of the Parisian park scene, what better way than by using one as the backdrop for your mid-day recuperation and packing a lunch? The city is overflowing with boulangeries, créperies and supermarkets – it’s hard to avoid a reasonably priced lunch. Lounging around on the grass while munching on a baguette is the perfect way to welcome back our old friend the springtime. 

Staying hydrated

With the undeniable adrenaline that travel brings, it’s sometimes easy to forget to stay hydrated, which brings us to our final tip. While you’re taking a breather from the fast pace of the day, why not fill up your water bottle at one of the city’s many fountains (over 1000) – particularly useful during scorching Parisian summers!

The encore

Before we go we have to mention one final Parisian treat that is sure to round off the day in style. It's taking a trip to see Frou-Frou the Musical. This colourful show is a blend of classical 1920s theatre and a modern twist. Go with your friends or go by yourself - all are welcome at this spectacle! It's located at the Théâtre Édouard right in the heart of Paris, making a perfect venue to pop into to finish off your day.

Address: 10 place Édouard VII - 75009