Théâtre Édouard VII

  • 10 place Édouard VII, 75009 Paris
  • Capacity: 720 seats
  • Opéra         
  • Madeleine         


Theater Édouard VII

The Théâtre Edouard VII is truly a monument to celebrate French and English cooperation and culture. Fascinated by Paris and what it had to offer, the English King Edward VII decided to contribute to Parisian life by opening a performance hall in the early 20th century to highlight both English and French productions. Unlike most playhouses, the venue first opened as a cinema and was shortly after converted into a theatre. The best part about this venue is its amazing location just steps from the Opéra Garnier, hidden in plain sight in a small pedestrian courtyard. You'll even find a statue of King Edouard VII himself right outside the theatre's restaurant terrace.


Throughout the 20th century, many well-known figures in the French theatre world have been in-house directors, and some celebrated French plays once premiered at this location in the heart of the Paris theatre district. Even some famous French actors once performed on this stage and took part in Théâtre Edouard VII's beloved productions, including Gerard Depardieu! Today, under the direction of Pascal Legros, it continues to be an incredibly diverse theatre, that achieves a perfect balance of classical plays and new writing.


Fun Fact

Writer, actor and director Sacha Guitry is the true emblematic figure of this theatre. The walls of the lobby and restaurant are lined with images of the famous figures that have been a part of the venue's history, many of whose ghosts are said to haunt the theatre's halls, including Orson Welles!


Fast facts
Capacity: 720
Handicap Accessible: Yes, please contact us to ensure proper seating in accessible areas
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes


10 place Édouard VII, 75009 Paris

Opéra         , Madeleine        

Past shows at this venue


The Prize

Martin, a historian, just received the International Prize for History. He should be happy – this will make his career – but he’s terrified. All the prize-winners of the previous years have dropped dead, struck by a curse. Martin is convinced that he’ll b
until 6/17/17
from 30 €


Anything You Want

From the moment successful author Lucie finally became happy, she’s had terrible writer’s block. ​In the past, she had only ever written about her troubles and ever since finding happiness she’s lost all inspiration. If only someone could just make her a
until 2/23/17
from 30 €


The Lie

Alice has spotted one of her friend's husbands with another woman and is faced with an agonising dilemma: should she tell her friend what she saw, or not? Paul (Pierre Arditi) tries to convince her that she should definitely hide the truth
until 4/23/16
from 35 €


A Farewell Dinner

Fixated on the idea of cutting old friendship ties, Pierre and Clotilde make a decision. They are going to hold a farewell dinner. Their first victim and oldest friend: Antoine Royer. But between a cowardly and indecisive Pierre and an unpredictable Cloti
until 6/24/16
from 56 €


Real Life

Beloved star of a popular French sitcom akin to “Modern Family”, Guillaume de Tonquédec, and the très drôle Léa Drucker, famous French actress and director, star in this delightful Boulevard Comedy at the famous and historical Théâtre Édouard VII.
until 1/6/18
from 46 €


Expat Night - Somewhere in This Life

Each month, our English-speaking friends gather in Paris for drinks and a show. Check what's playing for Expat Theatre Night this month!
until 3/24/18
from 58 €


Hello my name is (Le Prénom)

Expecting father reveals his baby's name before it's born, and chaos ensues. This celebrated Parisian comedy geniously demnstrates exactly Hello my name is...!
until 7/23/24
from 39 €


Expat Theatre Night: Hello my name is (Le Prénom)

Each month, our English-speaking friends gather in Paris for drinks and a show. Check what's playing for Expat Theatre Night this month!
until 7/23/24
from 49 €


Somewhere In This Life (Quelque part dans cette vie)

A French take on a Boston-based Broadway classic, Somewhere in This Life is the story of an unlikely duo forced into coexistence, in French with English subtitles!
until 7/23/24
from 39 €



At the intersection of rhythm, expression, and theatre, this unique show is breaking artistic barriers taking you on a deliriously funny adventure to the beat of the most celebrated opera tunes!
until 7/23/24
from 22 €



One more minute (Encore un instant)

Everyone seems to want something from Suzanne, yet all she desires is a little more time with her beloved husband. Faced with a decision, what will she choose?
until 7/23/24
from 39 €


Successful Strategies (L'heureux stratagème)

Tricks and lies are all part of a mischievous comedy about two neglected lovers who unite and do everything in their power to regain the love of their partners.
until 1/11/20
from 29 €


Frou-Frou the Musical

A parity operetta with many surprises, plot twist, and humor. The musical sensation will be sure to get a chuckle or two out of you.
until 6/27/20
from 27 €