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Cyrano de Bergerac


Cyrano de Bergerac

The most infamous love triangle of all time... a tragic piece about master poet and sword-wielder who is brave in everything but love.
until 01 June 2019
from 30 €



The perfect prohibition cocktail of acrobatics, song and dance, be transported back to 1930s clandestine bars of New York in this one-of-a-kind performance!
until 05 January 2019
from 30 €
Chicago the Musical


Chicago, The Musical

The perfectly jazzy combination of Parisian cabaret and prohibition nightlife, book tickets to the subtitled musical hit through our English box office.
until 31 January 2019
from 39 €
Oh My God She's Parisian



Oh My God She's Parisian

Frenzied, chaotic, and glamorous: The hilariously honest life of a woman in Paris - the city's only one-woman-show, 100% in English.
until 20 July 2019
from 19 €
Valjean, beyond Les Misérables





Valjean, beyond Les Misérables

An intimate look at Victor Hugo's Les Misérable hero, Jean Valjean. A story of rising from the ashes, this unique original performance brings audience on a journey beyond Les Misérables.
until 18 January 2019
from 19 €


Hello my name is (Le Prénom)

Expecting father reveals his baby's name before it's born, and chaos ensues. This celebrated Parisian comedy geniously demnstrates exactly Hello my name is...!
until 05 January 2019
from 39 €
How to Become a Parisian in One Hour



How to Become A Parisian in One Hour

The best French lesson you’ve ever had: a playfully honest show to leave you feeling Parisian whether you like it ou pas!
until 25 May 2019
from 20 €
Legend of a life



Legend of a Life (Légende d'une vie)

Imagine discovering one day that everything you thought you knew about your family was fabricated to hide a darker truth; a rich contemporary piece about family secrets and self discovery.
until 11 January 2019
from 20 €


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Love these events!

Expat nights hosted by the lovely ladies from Theater in Paris are always wonderful, it's great to see shows subtitled in english or with out any words at all like The virtuoses a glass of bubbly in hand, just love it! And last time I win

Amazing show

The show was amazing. However, I want to comment on the booking through this website: I booked category 2, which is supposed to be mezzanine or balcony front, however the booking did not let me choose the seats. So by the time we went to the show, the&

Oh Oh left us dumbstruck

Comedians, clowns, acrobatics - a great big dose of happiness



A beautiful text from Zweig that I was not familiar with and superb staging, we were absorbed into the story of the 2 characters and didn't lose interest for a second. It's one of the best shows I've seen, don't hesitate...

Wonderful show

A wonderful show that englobes the genius and atmosphere of Zweig's works, exceptional actors, original and meticulous staging

Excellent show!

We laughed from the beginning until the end, French or not everyone was bursting with laughter during the show! Excellent evening, I truly recommend it!!!

Really good show!

For all those who know Paris (or not), come and spend a great evening. 


Bravo bravo!

This play is such a joy! Really intelligent staging, and excellent actors, especially Cyrano who completely incarnates his character in an admirable way! Thanks to all the troupe for this great evening of theatre!


Magnificent from the beginning until the end. Thank you for the laughs and the tears.

Juliette mouton

An evening of pure joy

Sketches about daily life really well performed. And really good audience interaction. We had a really great time.