Theatre in lockdown - week 9

  • 15 mai 2020
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Aysha Ferullo

While Paris saw the end of lockdown as we knew it at the start of the week, going to the theatre is still very much off the cards at the moment, though we can’t wait to get back to our favourite venues when it’s safe show shows to resume! We’re still, for the most part, all having to rely on our trusty online resources to provide us with the theatre entertainment we so desire. Here are some of our favourite moments from our weeks at home. 

Opéra national de Paris 

Streaming has been guiding us through this period of confinement, and this week brought us some of our favourite shows, such as the Opera de Paris’ production of Don Pasquale. All three acts of Donizetti’s masterpiece are now available to watch online until May 17th 2020. 

The Opéra de Paris also published a short film, La Grande Sortie (dir. Alex Prager), detailing the experience of going out to the ballet in Paris. You may not be able to attend a ballet in the flesh, but this will give you a taste of some of the magic that awaits on the other side in the world of theatre.  

Social Media

Social media is certainly an effective way to pass the time, all while receiving a healthy dose of theatre. This week, YouTube delivered, starting with a video from the Radio France Choir. The choral group united (digitally), to give us their rendition of ‘O Fortuna,’ conveying an uplifting message of hope to all. 

The cast of Ghost the Musical also came together remotely to perform a reprise of Pleine aux As, one of their hit songs. 

The Louvre’s YouTube channel is also active in providing us with an inside look at the iconic landmark. This week, they brought us a break down of Diana of Versailles, one of the museum’s rooms. It’s certainly a channel you want to be subscribed to!

The Lido de Paris has been very active, posting recipes, interviews and dance classes to their Facebook. Give it a like for guaranteed entertainment!


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The Crazy Horse crew have also been providing creative content on their Facebook page, you may even find a yoga class! Check them out today.

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We’ve been committed to providing you with content through our blog throughout this trying time, have you been keeping up? This week, we posted articles on the life of Voltaire, Edith Piaf and the history of opera in Paris. Be sure to check them out!