How to relieve stress in the big city of Paris

  • 13 septembre 2019
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

You’ve had a bad day at work, you are experiencing some issues in your life at the moment, you feel overwhelmed with so many rude people on the metro, you got bad news today, an intense discussion was provoked. The bottom line is everyone has a bad day or maybe even a couple, but it doesn’t matter what type of stress you are facing because Theatre in Paris knows which places you should visit in Paris in order to help your body release endorphins that will make you feel less anxious.


Yoga for the body, mind, and soul

The best way to help your body and mind relieve stress is through exercise and the best form of exercise in this situation is yoga. People think of yoga as an activity for balance and flexibility, but yoga also supports relaxation through several yoga positions, and it aids in increasing breathing awareness. You can even say that yoga is the most natural method to treat stress and depression. Affordable yoga is the perfect place to get your daily dose of non- artificial anxiety medication, offering reasonable prices as low as €6 for a group session and private classes are available as well. Not knowing the French language is not a problem, these yoga professionals also perform their classes in English. The classes are accommodated for everyone of all fitness levels meaning there is no reason to not try it out. So, if you’re up for a little stretch we recommend trying out a class from Affordable Yoga and see if you feel any different physically or mentally.

fury room

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Break whatever you want without consequences 

Fury room has a very unique concept that originates from Japan, if you feel the need to release some steam after a big argument or out of frustration then this crazy yet effective approach will make you feel a lot better. What is the big deal behind the idea? Glad you asked, Fury Room allows you to have fun and lash out by breaking anything in the room. Have you ever had that feeling that you need to punch a wall? This is what this site offers, the opportunity to break something without consequences. All you need to do is gear up with protective wear and get ready to smash bottles or even an entire flat including the television and the furniture. The prices start from €10 and up depending exactly on how many things you are willing to break, you get to choose the package you want. This modern-day therapy will help you forget about the stressful situations you're experiencing in the city of Paris.

classical concert

Listen to peaceful music, this always helps

You know what helps us remain calm during a stressful situation? Listening to professional artists playing the violin to the classical sounds of famous composers such as Mozart or Bach, soothing music always helps the soul. Luckily there are several classical concerts currently performing in Paris starting with the iconic Eiffel Tower Concert Series, you’d get to spend the night in one of Paris’ most famous monuments listening to a talented vocalist singing as the orchestra plays a beautiful and relaxing ballad on the first floor of the Eiffel tower. If you prefer peacefully listening to a cello prestige composed by Hayden’s cello concerto or Symphony No.1 by Mozart in a medieval scene then head over to the Sainte- Chapelle Concert Series, one of the oldest churches in Paris with the most breathtaking stained glass windows. Your mind will be more at ease after experiencing any one of these concerts.

st. martin canal paris

Grab some wine and head to the St. Martin canal

Everyone has heard of the Seine river, but there is another less crowded river in the city of Paris, the St. Martin canal. If you want to get away from the obnoxious people in the city, we advise you to buy a bottle of wine at your nearest supermarket and go to St. Martin. Nothing beats drinking a cup of wine while looking at an unbeatable scenery by the water. Walking around the area is another option, along the canal, there are multiple shops to visit and one of the most popular bars in Paris, Le Comptoir général. Le Comptoir général has very unusual furnishings and décor which complement the idea of an African background with objects such as African witchcraft, exotic feathers, and numerous furniture of all colors that don’t seem to combine with the rest of the interior design whatsoever. If you want a place to relax and sip on African beer while en mangeant (eating) some delicious African food, you should go to Le Comptoir general during the weekdays when the bar is not swarming with more than fifty guests.


Don’t break your piggy bank for a massage

Only permitting the entrance of women, Hammam at the mosque of Paris (website is in French) offers the best relaxing massages in the city that will not cost you an arm and a leg. This is the closest you will get to the original hammams of Morocco, at only €18 the entrance with access to the steam room where you can take up all the heat and feel refreshed right after. Mint tea is only €2, as well as their black soap and access to the fountains is complimentary, now if you are looking to receive a soothing massage it will cost you at a starting price of €12 which is honestly an attractive price. P.S. take your own flip flops unless you are planning to pay for a package of everything included: Soap, scrub, massage, tea, and other amenities. For a more unisex spa head over to Lanqui Spa Paris, it offers traditional and other relaxing procedures such as facials, scrubs, and wraps starting at €32 for 30 minutes and only €52 for one hour, these are literally unbeatable prices in Paris. Lanqui Spa’s goal is to take care of your well-being, and a nice massage is all you need to loosen those tense knots muscles caused by stress.

petting a cat

Pet some cats while sipping on coffee

Have you ever heard of that saying “petting a cat helps relieve stress and reduce health risks” well based on various tests this has been proven and Le Café Des Chats translating to Cat café in English are way ahead of their time having opened their coffee shop back in 2013 with an exceptional concept of sharing their love for animals with others. Their model is to provide customers with great service and the opportunity to pet their adorable adopted cats, which by the way were sorry to say you cannot take home in the count of they belong to the owners of the shop.

guy smoking

Good food, Good smoke

We're not encouraging this act, but for some people, especially 80% of the population here in Paris having a smoke can give the effect of tranquility. In reality, you can smoke anywhere in the city, as long as it’s outside a certain locale, but there is a special place where you can sit down while holding a tobacco on one hand and just letting go of all that negative energy, Le Boudoir. This restaurant doesn’t just provide you with 5-course meals and divine wine, but it also posses an intimate smoking lounge shared with a small group of cigar lovers and a cigar menu included. Not to worry, this place is quiet and calm so there will be no rowdiness disturbing your moment of peace. This is a Michelin rated restaurant so you can expect to eat a traditional tasteful French meal consisting of several dishes including a savory Pie made from pork foie gras and pistachio and who can miss the black pudding with herbs, don’t knock it til you try it. Is this starting to sound appealing to you? Just remember to reserve a table before making your way to this fascinating place.

woman laughing

Have a laugh

If you’re looking for a laugh there are a couple of great shows currently playing in Paris including Tape Face, An American in Paris, and Funny Girl. Fun fact, the main character of Tape Face, Sam wills climbed the ladder to stardom in the famous television show America’s Got Talent. With his talented skills, which by the way needs no dialogue he was able to reach fame in the United States and Europe. Tape Face has arrived in Paris and you need to watch this performer impress you with only mere improvs that will make you laugh until your abdomen starts to hurt. Remember what play gave Barbra Streisand a push to stardom? We do, it was Funny Girl. Funny Girl, a Broadway hit musical based on a woman known as Fanny Brice, who has had a hard time reaching fame in Broadway because of her looks and finally gets the opportunity to be a showgirl in Ziegfeld Follies where she meets the love of her life who end ups in prison. This dramatic rollercoaster ride will take you through Fanny’s past and have you chuckling in between the acts with the actress’s quirkiness. The last show that will make you emotional but give you a couple of laughs throughout the show is An American in Paris. The story about the struggling American painter Jerry who moves to Paris and meets a special Parisian woman by the name of Lise who mind you is already engaged to a cabaret singer but still shows Jerry the adventure of his life in the beautiful city of lights. How does the story end? You’ll just have to find out for yourself. Don’t miss the chance to laugh your heart out with these endowed comedies.

free hugs

Get a free hug

Every once in awhile everyone needs a hug, you might just be visiting Paris or miles away from your loved ones and need comfort, as weird as this sounds you can receive free hugs on the streets of Paris and find out where these kind strangers will be giving away hugs through their Facebook page Free hugs Paris. These individuals aim to distribute the love while at the same time hugging for a cause such as animal welfare, where in June they dressed as animals distributing free hugs and inviting people to adopt small animals in Paris, what a sympathetic way to spread the word, am I right? Their motto is Cuddling is the most beautiful form of communication. Scientifically proven, hugs reduce blood pressure and stress so hug as much as you possibly can!



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