Grease, The Musical with English Subtitles

  • 5 septembre 2017
  • La scène parisienne
  • Theatre in Paris contributor
Danny and Sandy in Grease The Musical

The Théâtre Mogador, Stage Entertainment, and Theatre in Paris are proud to present to you Grease: The Musical with English subtitles! This production of the classic American musical will have a unique French twist. The story starts with two high school students who meet and instantly a summer romance is ignited. But upon returning to high school, these two young lovers are different. Leather-wearing, greaser and bad-boy Danny Zuko is wrapped up in maintaining his cool image around his friends, the T-Birds. Sandy Dubrowski, a sweet girl who is the epitome of prim and proper, is new to Rydell High. She instantly befriends The Pink Ladies, the bad-girl clique of Rydell High and tries to impress Danny. But he might just be too busy trying to be a jock to notice, and he can’t let his friends see his feelings for innocent Sandy. With a twist of events, catchy tunes and beats, you’ll not only discover if their relationship will make it to graduation or not, but will be transported back to the 1950s time of rock-n-roll bands and poodle skirts.

We all know Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta starred as the Sandy and Danny duo in the 1978 film, but this evening’s production has an exciting duo playing these popular roles. Starring in tonight’s performance are two of France’s youngest stars on the rise, Alyzée Lalande and Alexis Loizon. Alyzée Lalande is taking the stage as the sweet Sandy. Before being cast in this lively production, she made her big debut in the famous musical Notre Dame de Paris as Fleur-de-Lys and studied drama and operatic singing at a prestigious performance school in Paris.

The other star of this upbeat musical, Alexis Loizon, is the bad-boy Danny. Alexis might be a familiar face to you if you saw the 2017 adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. He was cast as Stanley, one of Gaston’s henchmen after originally coming to the director’s attention as a potential Gaston, a role that was later given to Luke Evans. Throughout the rehearsals for this film that starred the beloved Emma Watson as Belle, he was often coaching the chorus how to properly say French words, especially “bonjour” for the film’s opening number, he made sure it was absolutely perfect. Ticket sales open soon. We'll keep you posted! Until then, feel free to browse our other shows!

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