10 Quotes From Musicals To Brighten Your Day

  • 14 juin 2017
  • La scène parisienne
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Feeling inspired and in a bit of a musical mood from all the award shows we've been watching, we chose some of our favorite quotes from some of our favorite musicals to brighten your day! Don't forget to share to brighten someone else's day!

Can't get enough musicals? There's always some musical theatre with a French twist playing in Paris! Past musicals in Paris have included: Grease, Olivier Twist, Irma La DouceLa Flute Enchantée, Les Virtuoses, Montand the French Lover, Summer 44, Mistinguett, Duel Battle of the Ballads, and more!

What's better? Each and every one of these shows has featured English subtitles, so no need to speak French!

What musicals are playing in Paris today?