Théâtre Essaïon

  • 6 rue Pierre au lard, 75004 Paris
  • Capacity: 102 seats
  • Hôtel de Ville     
  • Rambuteau     


History and Fun Facts about Théâtre Essaïon

A truly hidden Parisian treasure, the Théâtre Essaïon is the result of a clashing of ages. In the 1970, a contemporary theatre troupe established this local playhouse in a medieval vaulted cave, deep in the depths of central Paris. Be transported back in time as you enter this unique venue in the old basement of what was once a luxorious Parisian hotel.


With its vaulted stone ceilings, this venue includes 2 intimate stages, and its varied show program includes not only historical pieces but also cabarets, musical theatre, and performances for the youth of the Marais. Explore the backstreets of one of the oldest districts in Paris to discover this hidden underground gem!

Fast facts
Capacity: 102
Handicap Accessible: Unfortunately, no. This underground venue is accessible only via staircase.
Air conditioning: No, but as it is underground, this venue is naturally cool!
Heating: Oui
Coat Check: No


6 rue Pierre au lard, 75004 Paris

Hôtel de Ville     , Rambuteau    

Past shows at this venue


One-man show


Valjean, beyond Les Misérables

An intimate look at Victor Hugo's Les Misérable hero, Jean Valjean. A story of rising from the ashes, this unique original performance brings audience on a journey beyond Les Misérables.
until 7/18/24
from 19 €


Los Guardiola - The Comedy of Tango

Tango in all its majesty from a group that does it best!
until 7/18/24
from 23 €