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little women Les quatre sœurs March theatre classique theatre le ranelagh paris tickets billets

Classic Theatre


Little Women

The moving story of four sisters in 19th-century America.
Until April 28, 2024
From 20 €
le montespan theatre actuel la bruyère tickets billets paris

Classic Theatre


Le Montespan

The story of France's most famous cuckold.
Until April 28, 2024
From 31 €
la réunification des deux corées theatre de la porte saint martin paris billets

Classic Theatre



La réunification des deux Corées

An exploration of the human soul via one powerful connection…
Until May 26, 2024
From 44 €
Palais-Royal theater, alan Turing, The Turing Machine, Enigma machine

Classic Theatre

La machine de Turing at Théâtre du Palais-Royal

An unrewarded genius and his world-changing machine.
Until April 27, 2024
From 39 €
la joconde parle enfin theatre classique à paris billets louvre Léonard de Vinci theatre de l'oeuvre mona lisa

Classic Theatre


La Joconde parle enfin

Paris’ most iconic framed lady finally breaks her silence!
Until April 28, 2024
From 28 €

Classic Theatre



A play within a play… the creation of Cyrano de Bergerac was not as simple as you might have thought!
Until June 15, 2024
From 49 €
being cyrano - dans la peau de cyrano - theatre le ranelagh tickets billets paris

Classic Theatre

One-man show


Being Cyrano (Dans la peau de Cyrano)

A profound passion for theatre opens unexpected doorways for one young boy caught on the horns of a crisis…
Until April 28, 2024
From 19 €


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Joyful youth, a comedy of hope.

"We laugh a lot, and are also moved by this chronicle of youth, a comedy full of hope from which we emerge rejuvenated." - Translated from the French review

A touching story...

"A sensitive story and excellent acting in this virtuoso alternation of roles." - Translated from the French review

A litte gem

A man of theatre, what talent, he definitely brings you on a journey, so believable! He is observant and talented, a noble backstory and comforting vision. I first went with a friend and I returned with my two children ages 11 and 20.

Funny, moving and gripping...

"Funny, moving and gripping, the artistic gesture here makes sense through its accomplished form, subtle writing and powerful acting." - Translated from the French rating

A look at our societies...

"A terrible and virtuoso look at our societies, as disturbing as it is fascinating" - Translated from the French rating

Joël Pommerat "The fantasy of the real."

"Cruel, humorous, and remarkably embodied all at the same time..." - Translated from the French rating

A show that leaves the room suspended...

"The audience is immediately drawn in... leaving the room is suspended." - Translated from French