I Want You (J'ai envie de toi)

i want you poster
Théâtre Fontaine

Until June 28, 2020

French surtitled in English (See the page)


Théâtre Fontaine
10 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris
Capacity 630 seats


90 minutes



Recommended for all ages

French with English subtitles

Highlights: I Want You (J'ai envie de toi)

I Want You is a wacky comedy show currently playing in Théâtre Fontaine. Sebastian Castro outdid himself with this crazy funny play about a man who causes a whole lot of misunderstanding among various characters by sending a steamy message to an ex-girlfriend who is still not over him instead of sending it to his current girlfriend. Add a meddling neighbor played by Sebastian Castro himself to the story and you’ve got drama with a mix of suspense.

Story: I Want You (J'ai envie de toi)

It’s happened to the best of us, by mistake we have sent a text message and for others it has been an embarrassing situation, well this is the case of Guillaume. It took one text message to the wrong person being his ex to create a whole mix-up with the girl he’s dating, his ex- girlfriend, his nosy neighbor, and others involved. Instead of sending a message to the girl he’s currently seeing Julie, Guillaume sends a message reading “I want you” to his ex- girlfriend Christelle and you can predict where it goes from here. It just so happens that at the same time the issue is arising Guillaume’s neighbor Youssouf who is taking care of an elderly woman decides to knock down the wall overlooking Guillaume’s closet worsening the situation and getting involved in his business. This contemporary comedy piece of a dramatic love story that let’s be honest, can be relatable for some of us will have you wiping the tears from your eyes and not from crying out of sadness, but from laughing non- stop.


Théâtre Fontaine

I Want You by Sébastien Castro was a great game, well played and very fun. Good subtitles, I was able to follow the story.


A really hilarious comedy that helps overcome depression!

Sebastien M.
Absolutely loved this piece

We loved this piece, guaranteed fun from beginning to end, it's crazy good. I highly recommend this piece to those who want to spend a good evening.

Joselyne d'Agostini
Feydeau style 2.0

This show is a jewel of rhythm and gags. The actor, Sébastien Castro in the lead, gives his all. We laughed without stopping. A must see!

Gregoire A.
Guaranteed relaxation

To have a good time, do not hesitate to see this show. We really laughed non- stop, the backgrounf of the story was written well. I intend to return. I highly recommend.

Hrl A.

Théâtre Fontaine

10 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

Théâtre Fontaine

Abandoned by its owners due to its black market activities during the early 1900s, the building where the Théâtre Fontaine now stands once was a famous, high-class cabaret called Le Chantilly. Bought in 1951 by two audacious and uniquely dynamic accomplices, the rundown space was transformed into a theatre.


After an expansion to accommodate more theatre-goers, Théâtre Fontaine has continued its tradition as a space for comedies and classics to take the stage and keep audiences laughing. The interior has kept its 1950s flair with its checkerboard entryway, plush red velvet seating and celestial ceiling.


Fast facts
Capacity: 630
Handicap Accessible: Yes, please contact us to ensure proper seating in accessible areas
Air conditioning: Yes
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (paid service)


Is the show accessible to English speakers?

The show is in French but it is accessible to English speakers thanks to an on screen subtitling system. We wish to provide you with the best comfort while watching the show.

How do I get to the theatre?

Théâtre Fontaine is accessible by metro lines 2 and 12, and the closest metro stations are Pigalle, Blanche, and Saint-Georges. If you plan to take the bus take lines 74, 67, or 52. Our hotline can be reached in case of difficulty on the stage on weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm Paris time. For details, we invite you to consult the map below.

Is Théâtre Fontaine Handicap accessible?

Théâtre Fontaine is equipped with a PMR access in an orchestra. If you are in a wheelchair, we invite you to call the theater at 01 48 74 74 40 in order to get ready for your arrival.

What do I do when I get to the venue?

While the performance begins during the time of your visit, we recommend that you arrive at the reception area.

Does the theatre have air-conditioning?

Yes, Theater Fontaine is equipped with air-conditioning.

Subtitles or “surtitles?”

Surtitles (also called supertitles) are the equivalent theater of subtitles or as others may know it, captioned performances. That's because in French "on" means "above." At the Fontaine Theater, the text is projected above the stage. Read more about surtitles here.

Is tipping customary?

Tips are not mandatory in Parisian theaters. However, ushers will usually expect a small tip of between € 2 and € 5, which you can give them when they've shown you to your seat. Fun fact: the French word for "tip" is "tip," which literally translates to "to have a drink."

Does the venue have a specific dress code?

For Parisian plays, the dress tends to be casual, so do not hesitate to wear caps and flip-flops. It is common for Parisians to arrive directly from work, dressed in smart-casual chic.