Yue Huang: Paris Lover, Theatre Buff

  • January 10, 2017
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

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We recently had a chat with one of Theatre in Paris' biggest fans, Yue Huang, and talked about her experience living in Paris as well as the reasons she keeps coming back to see our shows.

Where are you from?
Hainan Province, which is a tropical island, the southernmost province of China. Although I was born in the most northern province: Inner Mongolia. I moved to Hainan with my parents twenty years ago.

Why did you choose to come to Paris? How long have you been here?
The superficial reason is for learning French, the deeper reason is I want to experience a different living environment, compared with China's modern cities like Shanghai or Peking, and try to find my place there... This is my third year in France, previously I was living in Nice, studying for my master’s degree of management. I moved to Paris last summer.

What are your favourite things to do in Paris?
So many...but I have TWO "favorite things". One is visiting all kinds of museums, the other is shopping in all kinds of vintage stores. I love MODE and ART. They are truly outstanding in France.

Why do you love Theatre in Paris's service?
I love Theatre in Paris for their thoughtful services, clear booking website, friendly attitude, being provided with effective information about the show’s background, and their reasonable prices for students.

What is your favourite show so far?
“Oliver Twist, the musical!”

What was your favourite part of that show?
When Oliver and Kens tried to remember their mom, that moving performance is a complete contrasted with the song “Maman”. I also love Rosa’s song “Belle Journée”.

Which character would you like to meet the most?
Nicolas Motet et Catherine Arondel. If I meet them in reality, 80% chance I would be too nervous to know what to say.

Does Theatre in Paris help you with learning French?
Sure, especially at Theatre Edgar!

Do you find that you often mingle with Parisians whilst enjoying a show with us?
Sometimes! It depends on the situation, who’s sitting next to me, the show I see, and if I wish to discuss or not in that moment.

If you fancy an experience like Yue's, take her recommendation and book your tickets for Oliver Twist, The Musical. To read more about Yue's life here in Paris, check out her blog!