Unique date night ideas in Paris

  • January 31, 2020
  • All things Paris
  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

Want to impress your sweetheart, but everything in Paris is too mainstream for you? Not creative enough for your taste? Let us take you both on an adventure with a list of exciting places you might not have even known about. Paris is filled with surprises and romantic areas; you just need to know where to look and where to go. If you did not yet have anything planned, we’ve got your back.


Indoor Freefall

Cue the song by Tom Petty: “and now I’m freee! Free fallinnn!” Wouldn’t it be exciting to do something unusual and out of the ordinary when taking him/her on a date? Restaurants are too overrated, and everyone does it. You need to think out of the box, you need to think big, you need to think Ifly. This place is not for everyone, especially if you are not into flying and feeling like a bird in the sky. Ifly is located in the center of Paris on the 19th arrondissement and it is a venue where guests can experience free falling indoors. Picture you and your partner flying together side by side, how much more romantic and Hollywood can this get?

Ghost the musical

Pottery Class for two

How about creating something beautiful together such as a vase, a mug, or a ceramic dish? Something that will last a long time and that every time you guys look at it, it will remind you of that glorious day. In that case, you can add Terre Ocre to your list. In Terre Ocre you guys can make anything you desire by molding clay or using a turntable like the one in the famous scene of Ghost the movie. Also Ghost the Broadway Hit Musical is currently on display in Paris with English subtitles, as another option for a romantic date. Pottery can be an excellent option of trying out something new and fun.

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Eiffel tower show

Instead of watching classical music videos on Youtube to set the mood, how about going to a live classical music concert inside the most iconic landmark in Paris? The Eiffel Tower. Picture this: both of you together on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a beautifully peaceful scenery while listening to an Orchestra playing the best of all classic songs. It’s like a dream, except it is possible and can become a reality if you book your tickets on time!

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Promenade Plantee

A walk through nature in the middle of the city

Head over to the Promenade Plantee for free adventure at no cost whatsoever and will provide you both with an incredible experience. Very often compared to New York’s “Highline” park, Promenade Plantee is also a green pathway that follows the route of an old railroad track that overlooks the whole city. Setup in 1969 as a public park, not many people know about this gem. The architectural wonder is surrounded by trees and flowers all around. Take some food and a blanket and voila! You’ve got the perfect date.

crazy horse experience

A personal tour of Crazy Horse with a dancer

A very recent experience that just popped up not too long ago in a very well-known cabaret in Paris is “The Ultimate Crazy Horse Experience”. It’s just as is sounds. The Crazy Horse Paris has added a new perk to their spectacle, and it is everyone’s fantasy or something they’ve fantasized about in the past. There is a special option to opt-in for a personal tour to see the whole venue and never before seen spots in the locale before the show starts. The best part of the personal tour is that it will be given by a Crazy Horse dancer! You and your partner will personally meet one of the on-stage dancers, ask her any questions you might be curious about, consume two complimentary cups of custom-made Crazy Horse champagne along with hors d’oeuvres, and then watch her perform during the show! Everything needed for a steamy night.

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Secret Club

Take her/him to the laundromat! But not to wash clothes. You’re probably thinking “what? Why the laundromat”, well, hidden in Place de la République in the center of the city there is a secret passageway to a bar/club located in a locale called Lavomatic. Behind one of their washing machines, there is an entrance to experience the best night of your lives! Give it a try and dance the night away.

peniche cinema

Floating cinema

Don’t go to a regular movie theater, try something different like going to a floating cinema! Peniche Cinema offers guests the opportunity to watch a film inside a boat, yeah, this exists. If you don’t quite know French this would be the only downside, most films displayed in Peniche are in the French language. Though this is the perfect way to start learning French or just enjoy a movie in one of the most romantic languages in the world.

Photo property of Le Figaro ©

Who needs couples’ therapy?

This next idea is odd but try to keep an open mind. Fury Room is a place guests can head over to if they’re looking to release some steam. The theme of this place is to break whatever you want inside a secure room with the particular armor of destruction you have chosen, like a bat for example. There are televisions, couches, vases, you decide what to destroy. Why this place? It’s fun, different, and if you and your partner are in need of a stress reliever this is the place to be.

sunset sunside jazz club

Sunset Sunside jazz

Jazz is the music of love and rhythm! So why not go to the famous Sunset Sunside jazz club in Châtelet? Looks can be deceiving, though the venue looks small from the outside inside the club has two levels. Both levels play different jazz music but both floors have live music! You could practice your Linsey Hopkin with your significant other or dance a slow instrumental song. Heading to a jazz club can be a spontaneous idea, plus this is one of the best jazz clubs in Paris considering it has great music and international musicians from all over the world.

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Olivier Giraud

Make him/her laugh

It’s always nice to put a smile on their face, the perfect place to make your sweetie laugh is by taking them to Olivier Giraud’s show “How to Become a Parisian in One Hour”. Demand for this show is high and the positive reviews just keep flowing in, that’s how good it is. Olivier Giraud’s one-hour show will teach you guys the difference between a Parisian and tourists, and throughout the whole show, you will both be laughing non-stop. That’s a promise…from personal experience.

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cabaret burlesque

Catch a show in a floating Parisian theater

La Nouvelle Seine is not just an ordinary boat floating on the waters of the Seine river, it’s a floating boat with a unique view of Notre Dame, it’s a restaurant, and it has a theater beneath the first floor of the boat. This is yet another place you should not judge based on the way it looks. It might seem like just a small boat, but this small boat has two floors. The most popular show exhibited in La Nouvelle Seine is Cabaret Burlesque. Unlike other cabarets in Paris, this spectacle is sensual and humorous at the same time. The girls on stage dress seductively but also provide guests with some unforgettable entertaining acts that will stay stuck in your head for weeks.

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Floating on water

Floating in a bath

To continue with the floating experience, check out Meiso! This place provides an uncommon concept that can also be considered very impressive. The theme of zero gravity in Meiso is to float in a pool inside a dark room where you can effortlessly float and instantly feel relaxed and clear your mind. Both you and your partner can enjoy this modern experience in one pool. How cool would that be?