Top 10 Must-see Shows in Paris in 2024

  • February 26, 2024
  • Parisian theatre
  • Niamh Daly and Clara Palas

Top 10 Must-see Shows in Paris in 2024

In search of a show that will blow your mind? Look no further! Read on for our carefully curated list of the top 10 shows playing in Paris that you simply cannot miss! From theatre pieces to operas to cabarets, discover the very best that Paris has to offer for your 2024 visit.

Lion King, the Musical - Paris Mogador 2024

Lion King, the Musical at Théâtre Mogador

(French with English surtitles // Until June 29th, 2024)

An ode to the Disney classic storms the stage of the Théâtre Mogador this 2024…marvel as the king of the Serengeti and all of his colourful friends are recreated by talented dancers, incredible puppetry, and stellar costume design! 13 years after its first successful run, Simba and his pals Pumbaa and Timon, the scheming Scar, and the wise Rafiki pay justice to the classic Disney tunes we all know and love with a spectacular French-language twist!. If you’re not a French-speaker, have no fear - English surtitles are projected for your viewing pleasure so that you don’t miss a beat! Stunning visuals and a set that transports audiences to the heart of the Savannah will have you falling in love with this classic tale all over again. Why not bring the whole family along?

Paris je t'aime

Paris je t’aime at La Nouvelle Ève

(No dialogue // April 1st — October 31st, 2024)

Discover the depth of Parisian cabaret at La Nouvelle Ève with the exciting new revue show Paris je t’aime — a true ode to Parisian culture and tradition.
Glitter, dance, and sensuality are the order of the night at this all-singing, all-dancing celebration of the dynamic legacy of Cabaret. Travel back in time, and follow the life of emblematic Parisian singer Edith Piaf as she navigates the whimsical spirit of cabaret. To top it all off, her beloved song “La vie en rose” is revitalized as a tango!

And what would a celebration of Parisian cabarets be without a tribute to the classic French cancan? Paris je t’aime offers you a twelve-minute long breathtaking cancan performance, accompanied by the sublime music of Jacques Offenbach.
You’re in for a night of exuberance, humour, sequinned costumes, and dynamic choreographies — a characteristically Parisian excursion

Dior habille les nuits

Dior habille les nuits at Palais des Congrès

(No dialogue // April 26th — 28th, 2024)

Whether you are a fashionista or a ballet lover, Dior habille les nuits is the perfect show for you.
The Opera de Rome has teamed up with Dior for a unique show at Palais des Congrès, featuring two dance shows with costumes designed by the world-famous fashion house of Dior: Nuit dansée and Nuit romaine.

In Nuit dansée, choreographed by Giorgio Mancini, the costumes designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri are emphasized by the graceful movements of the dancers. It is a good blend of classical, yet timeless ballet with a contemporary edge that will surprise and delight spectators..

In Nuit romaine, choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj, dancer Eleonora Abbagnato embodies Nox, the Roman goddess of night, for a poetic experience and a veritable feast for the eyes and soul.

The stunning visuals, which perfectly complement Dior’s stunning work, make this double-performance a must-see!

Get your tickets for Dior habille les nuits!

ionesco package

Ionesco Package: The Bald Soprano and The Lesson

(French with English surtitles (see dates on show page) // All year long)

Interested in discovering the best of classical French theatre? Look no further! All year long, you are invited todiscover famous playwright Ionesco’s plays The Bald Soprano and The Lesson at the cozy Théâtre de La Huchette, where these two shows have been performed every night since the 50s.

On one side, meet the hilariously bizarre Smith and the Martin families in the Bald Soprano. On the other side, witness an absurdly comedic exchange between a student and her teacher in The Lesson. These two iconic plays are gathered in this wonderful package for an absurd Parisian night!

And if you don’t speak French, no worries! The Bald Soprano and The Lesson are both surtitled in English every Wednesday. Surtitles can also be available on other days for groups of 10 people or more - for more information, contact us at to select a date.

The rocky horror show

The Rocky Horror Show at Lido2Paris

(English with French Surtitles // Until April 7th, 2024)

50 years on from its theatrical debut, a veritable gem of contemporary theatre returns to the stage this 2024 in Paris…a gripping story, festive atmosphere, and electrifying soundtrack coalesce in this dynamic homage to the one and only Rocky Horror Show! Richard O’Brien’s cult classic musical has won worldwide critical and public acclaim since its conception, largely on account of its penchant for audience participation — be warned! You might play a larger role in the story than just a spectator… Whimsy, over-the-top hi-jinks, and a rock-n-roll atmosphere you’ll adore are all on the agenda. For a dose of excitement and humour, opt for this mesmerising musical in Paris this 2024!

Get your tickets to The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

lac des cygnes

Swan Lake at Palais des Congrès

(No dialogue // March 26th — 28th, 2024)

If there is one ballet that even the least initiated theatre-goer knows, it is the famous Swan Lake, along with its equally beloved accompanying score by the exquisite Tchaikovsky. Timeless notions of love and tragedy await you as this marvellous piece is performed in its original form at Palais des Congrès, via a touching ballet choreographed by Marius Petipa.

Discover (or else revisit) the touching and tragic story of Odette, cursed to become a swan during the day, and the young prince who she hopes will free her from the tyranny of the wicked sorcerer Rothbart. The perfect ballet to see with family or friends, and an unmatched favourite among the classical canon… novel theatre-goers and ballet enthusiasts alike will rejoice at this delicate and wonderfully staged production!

la vestale

La Vestale at the Opéra Bastille

(French with English surtitles // June 15th — July 5th, 2024)

Travel back in time to the Roman Era with La Vestale - a three-act opera created in 1807 by Gasparo Spontini. 150 years after it stopped performing, La Vestale makes a grand return to the Opéra Bastille to wow audiences yet again!
Discover the forbidden love story between Licinius, a Roman general, and Julia, a vestal virgin. You will be moved by Julia’s turmoil and her inner conflicts between love and duty, but also human desires and religion. Caught in the throes of internal discord, Julia must confront her innermost compulsions in an attempt to preserve her unwavering faith…

Looking for a premium experience? Our exclusive package includes a glass of champagne, a show programme, and even access to the opulent Salon Berlioz! You’re in for an emotional and intense musical experience at the Opéra Bastille — why not share the experience with friends and family?


Giselle at Palais Garnier

(No dialogue // May 2nd — 31st, 2024)

Are you a fan of moving and tragic love stories? The Palais Garnier might just have the perfect ballet in store for you… the timeless 19th century ballet piece Giselle follows the tragic destiny of a young peasant girl, the titular Giselle, who is afflicted with profound sorrow and is near death after discovering that her lover, Albrecht, is not who he said he was. Not only is he a nobleman beyond his peasant disguise, he is already engaged to someone else…

Patrice Bart and Eugene Polyakov have modernized the choreography whilst interweaving the essence of the original for a beautiful, innovative performance at the Opéra de Paris! To spice up your evening, you can opt for our premium ticket with a glass of champagne and access to the breathtaking Salon Liebermann!

boléro - hommage à Maurice Ravel

Boléro — Tribute to Maurice Ravel

(No dialogue // December 3rd - 8th , 2024)

Behold a piece that pays tribute to one of the classical canon’s greatest composers…Boléro — Tribute to Maurice Ravel is a must-see for music enthusiasts, dance lovers, and even those who aren’t familiar with Ravel’s work!

Inspired by a traditional Andalusian danse, the Bolero by Ravel stands even today as one of France’s most renowned masterpieces worldwide. Experience this monument of French music through a stunningly executed tribute to Maurice Ravel. This show, first running in 2016, is back for the 2024-2025 season at Palais des Congrès, complete with breathtaking choreography, staging, and decors that will blow you away!

Get your tickets for Boléro — Tribute to Maurice Ravel!

concerts à la Sainte-Chapelle

Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series

(No Dialogue // All year long)

Enjoy a magnificent night of classical music at the opulent Sainte-Chapelle, one of the finest marvels of Gothic architecture in all of France!
With its marvellous vaulted ceilings and stained-glass panelling, the Sainte-Chapelle is the perfect place to enjoy the masterpieces of classical composers playing every evening at 6 p.m. from March this 2024 in Paris.

The Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series is also an amazing opportunity to discover one of the most visited monuments in Paris in a totally unique way - when away from the hustle and bustle of the daytime tourists, the Paris’s Holy Chapel can truly be appreciated in a new light, as the gentle caress of twilight illuminates this sacred space with delicate sincerity. For an even more unforgettable Parisian experience, our premium options include a glass of champagne or wine and tapas to go complement the show! If there’s one experience you can’t miss out on during your Parisian trip, the Sainte-Chapelle takes first place. Don’t pass up on these astonishing once-in-a-lifetime concerts!

Get your tickets for the Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series!

festival d'Aix-en-Provence

Bonus: Festival d’Art Lyrique in Aix-en-Provence

(Surtitles in English // July 3rd — 23rd, 2024)

Still haven’t found THE perfect show? We might just have something that’ll tickle your fancy… if you’re a fan of the gentle summer sun, a charming and historical city, and a celebration of all things operatic, don’t miss out on the Festival d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence, which runs from July 3rd to 23rd, 2024 in the South of France! This international opera and classical music festival takes place every year in the gorgeous city of Aix-en-Provence, and every year it offers a great range of diverse operas and concerts, among which you’re sure to find a new favourite or rediscover an old classic!

Here is our selection:

Explore the shows on offer at the Festival d’Aix this 2024!

No matter what you choose to see in 2024, you’re sure to make memories! Be sure to check out our website to plan your visit to Paris!

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