Theatre in lockdown - week 5

  • April 17, 2020
  • Parisian theatre
  • Aysha Ferullo

We made it to the end of another week in lockdown! I think it’s safe to say we all deserve to immerse ourselves in some theatre this weekend to shake off the quarantine blues. Here’s what we’ve most enjoyed from our fifth week on the inside. 


We’re quickly discovering that streaming is the theatre’s best friend during this testing period, and this week brought with it a plethora of digital productions to enjoy.

One of our very favourites, Opéra de Paris has just made its Tribute to Jerome Robbins available for online streaming in selected countries. Jerome Robbins is an adored American choreographer who worked in classical ballet, opera and theatre – have a look at what he’s inspired!

Berlin’s Schaubühne, one of the German capital’s most well-known theatres, is putting a handful of their productions online for streaming, perfect for any German speakers! If German isn’t your strong suit, worry not – a handful of their productions offer English subtitles! Check out their full schedule here.

The Metropolitan Opera is also offering daily streams of their shows. At the moment, you can watch Modest Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov, a classic tale of Russian ruler Godunov during a political crisis, viewed commonly as one of Mussorgsky’s masterpieces. Have a watch for yourself here!

For any classical theatre lovers, the 2018 Globe production of Hamlet is available for online streaming until April 19th! This Shakespearean classic was a massive success at one of London’s most beloved theatres, and this immersive experience will make you feel like a true groundling! 

The National Theatre’s production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is now available for streaming on YouTube, as a part of the National’s ‘at home’ series. Starring Patsy Ferran, one of the London theatre scene’s most treasured stars, this is a sure-fire way to enjoy your weekend in quarantine. Enjoy!

Social media

The Crazy Horse Cabaret team have teamed up to give back to their audiences through Instagram! Check out their account and get involved in their dance, makeup and yoga sessions, details are on their Facebook page. 

A year after the tragic fire at the beloved cathedral, the Notre Dame rang its great bell, sending its sound through the streets of Paris. Check out this YouTube video and see what Parisians had to say about it. 


The world of theatre has also been planning for life post-lockdown, starting with the Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series being extended to the end of the year! Whether you didn’t get a chance to see this beautiful spectacle the first time around, or can’t wait to return, you now have until 31st December to experience it first-hand. Book today through the Theatre in Paris box office!

Book tickets to see the Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series

Tickets for 42nd Street also recently went on sale, to our great excitement! Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an autumn evening seeing this inspiring musical, based on the intricacies of the entertainment industry itself! Be sure to check out our blog post on its history to whet your appetite. 

Another all-time favourite, the Lion King, is also coming to Paris towards the end of summer, and it’s certainly not a spectacle you want to miss. We even published a blog post detailing the history and significant milestones of this heart-warming tale.

Book tickets to see the Lion King in Paris