Shows to see this spring in Paris

  • March 13, 2020
  • Parisian theatre
  • Aysha Ferullo

Springtime in Paris is a sight to behold, with its charming city streets drenched in warm sunshine, parks and gardens in full bloom and plenty of art bursting through the city walls. There is a myriad of things you can get up to in Paris during the spring, our personal favourite is paying a visit to the theatre and seeing a show. Coming up this season in Paris are a wide range of musicals, classical theatre and comedy to get you in the swing of spring! Here are our picks for what to see to welcome the sunshine the right way.

How to become a Parisian in one hour

How to Become A Parisian in One Hour is bound to put a spring in your step. Join French comedian Olivier Giraud for an hour of laughs, all the while learning what it truly means to be Parisian. Since 2009, this corker of a show has welcomed over 800,000 spectators from around the globe, and this spring it welcomes you! Served with a pinch of salt, this show is sure to provide you with a unique experience, perhaps even teaching you the odd French phrase along the way. So why not pay a visit to the Théâtre des Nouveautés in the ninth district of Paris and enjoy this spectacle with friends and family, or simply go by yourself! Either way, this will certainly be an event to write home about. 

Address: 24 Boulevard Poissonnière -  75009

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Crazy Horse

Another quirky show to get you laughing out of your seat is the Crazy Horse Cabaret show. This illustrated spectacle of music and dance is sure to be a visually stimulating way of enriching your Parisian springtime experience – an absolute must-see. The choreography will have you itching to join in, and the tunes will be stuck in your head for days. Running until the end of the year, you have plenty of time to catch this thrilling and innovative spectacle. Language barriers aren’t a worry in this piece either as it’s completely dialogue-free. Located in the bustling eighth district of Paris, this cabaret is positively calling your name!

Address: 12 Avenue George V - 75008

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Sainte-Chapelle Concert Series

In a slightly different vein, though equally entertaining, the Sainte-Chapelle concert series is yet another excellent way to welcome back the spring. Join the melting harmonies of violin and cello in this breathtakingly beautiful gothic French venue for a tranquil night of sonic springtime splendour. Masterpieces from the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach and Handel will be featured, as well as many more. What’s more is if you book through the Theatre in Paris box office, you’ll be able to benefit from our Champagne & Show or Dinner & Show packages – a perfect way to make even more of an evening of this beautiful event!

Address: 8 Boulevard du Palais - 75001

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Frou-Frou the Musical

Picking up the pace once more, our next recommendation for a show to see in Paris this spring is Frou-Frou the Musical at Théâtre Édouard VII, playing until 27th June. This is a French show provided with English subtitles, so it’s a great way of experiencing true Parisian theatre without the worry of a language barrier! This is a show recommended for all ages, so by all means, bring the whole family. Full of whimsical characters and slapstick comedy, it’s truly to be an evening well-spent. 

Address: 10 Place Édouard VII - 75009

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Cyrano de Bergerac

If you’re more into classical theatre, this spring Théâtre Ranelagh will be home to Cyrano de Bergerac, a classical French piece of theatre with English subtitles. Catch a glimpse of the antics of the most famous love triangle in history: Roxanne, Christian and Cyrano de Bergerac. This dramatic piece will have you gripped for the full two hours and leave you wanting more. A true French classic, and a positively remarkable way of immersing yourself in the history of the French spectacle. Get ready to both laugh and cry!

Address: 5 Rue des Vignes - 75016

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Alan Lucien Øyen

Our final pick for a show to see this spring is Alan Lucien Øyen’s ballet show. Alan is a choreographer and artist in residence at the Norwegian Opera and ballet whose pieces have toured the globe dozens of times. This show is truly a sight to behold, as it was specifically created for the Paris Opéra. Innovation and creativity marry together through this piece, suitable for all ages! Take a trip this spring, you won’t regret it!

Address: Place de l’Opéra - 75009

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