Experience Paris By Meeting All the Stars

  • July 16, 2020
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Sam Asher

Being struck by stars in the City of Light does not mean the Eiffel Tower has fallen on you. Paris is a city that attracts celebrities and rising artists alike, it is one of the narratives that a major city holds: the stars are among us. Nostalgia seekers will dream of a Chelsea Hotel in New York or La Coupole in Paris which saw the likes of Jean-Paul Sartre or Edith Piaf. They say “never meet your idols, they will disappoint you,” but nowadays we tend to disagree. With our smartphones in one hand and a croissant in the other, we are connected to Parisian artists and celebrities now more than ever. Today, we even have brand new opportunities to reach out for the stars ourselves. We are going to layout the how-tos of getting the best experiences with some of the most incredible Parisian artists.

Of course, we have found our own special spots in Paris where the celebrities often pass. The Office in the 20thArrondissement is your run-of-the-mill café at first glance, but to anyone invested in the dance community in Paris, it is a goldmine for famous sightings. A handful of well-established choreographers frequent this bar as LAX studio which we talked about in a previous blog is located just up the street. There, you could find many established choreographers, such as the likes of Mehdi KerKouche, who has worked for brands such as Prada, Hermes and is currently choreographing an upcoming show at the Opera de Paris, Palais Garnier. The experience of hanging out and watching for our favourite choreographers and dancers in Paris is exciting and definitely brings a sense of nostalgia that reminds us of an electric and energetic New York City. But how else can we get closer to our artists?


A modern show that combines American contemporary dance and French cabaret, the Lido de Paris is more than just a performance. The dancers at the Lido are a magnetic bunch that have refined their craft in a powerful way that makes it hard to take your eyes off them. This international team of dancers is so uniquely exquisite it leaves you wanting more. Recently, the Lido de Paris has distributed interviews that highlight the careers of their dancers. You can learn more about the inner workings of the Lido by listening to Julian, a dancer from New Zealand who has had an unconventional career path that landed him a spot at this cabaret. Or more conventional, we highly enjoyed Annalisa’s spotlight that demonstrates how this accomplished Italian danseuse came to Paris. 

During the period of confinement, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into the theatre companies we love. These theatres did not stop working, either. They took the time of confinement to put their brains together to prepare for an amazing welcome back. The next time the Lido de Paris takes the to stage, you will have the opportunity to book a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a photo op with the stars of the show! This is an amazing way of taking matters into your own hands and manifesting amazing Parisian artists right into your life. One way to feel like one of the dancers from the cabaret? You can book a dance party after the performance for you to live vicariously through the wonderful performance! 

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Maybe you aren’t the dancing type and just would like a good old fashioned meet and greet experience? In response, we would direct you to The Crazy Horse Cabaret. The Crazy Horse Cabaret is arguably one of the most recognizable French cabarets in worldwide modern pop-culture, thanks to homages and collaborations with wildly popular American artists such as  Dita Von Teese, an excellent dancer known for her sultry style who has worked at the Crazy Horse before – as well as Beyonce for using the mise-en-scene of the Cabaret in the Partition video, as part of her visual self-titled album BEYONCE.  

If you are as infatuated with the marvel of the show itself, you will surely fall in love with the cast of dancers. A highly artistic and incredibly dedicated bunch some who have even been with the Crazy Horse for 13 years, this troupe of dancers will leave stars in your eyes. Now, you can see those stars up close by having an up-close and personal meet and greet! One night a week, the cabaret offers a small tour led by one of the dancers – an amazing experience where you get exclusive access to the theatre as well as a little personal attention from the artists. Chic, no? 

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When it comes to excellence, Paris covers all categories. In a budding comedy scene – which we went into detail about in a previous blog – Julie Collas reigns. In 2017 she began the first one-woman show entirely in English called Oh my God She’s Parisian. An ex-lawyer, a mom, a French-girl-gone-to-the-USA-and-back, Collas wears many hats. An entire life lived in such a diverse way makes for an interesting and unique outlook. Collas uses herself as the vehicle to deliver her performance to the audience, which centres around situations, people or new experience you may find in the City of Light. It is constantly being updated to reflect the times, and Julie only gets better. This comedienne has a magnetic and energetic personality that is hard to take your eyes off of. The best part? You can indulge in this magnetic energy by attending a meet-and-greet lunch with Collas herself – in her own apartment! Laugh, smile and fill up on some great food and the gorgeous personality of an incredible talent in Paris. Interested in Lunch with Julie? 

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Laughing is addicting. If you went to lunch with one of the best Parisian comics and are craving more, we have your fix. How to Become a Parisian in One Hour, performed and written by Olivier Giraud, is a one-man comedy show sure to leave you in stitches. Of course, here the goal is to meet your idols, not just see them. After you have enjoyed a night of comedy with this French comic, you have the opportunity of heading to a photo-op meet-and-greet with the star himself. If you have done everything on this list, then your smile should be extra wide for this mini photo-shoot with Olivier, as you will have met a handful of incredible artists living in the exquisite city we call home: Paris. 

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When we think of theatre, one of the first images that come to mind is the large proscenium stage. A vast auditorium filled with seats, and a large amount of distance separating the audience from the actors. Performances can blow you away, but it leaves the voyeur wanting more of a personal experience after a night of marvellous storytelling. 

“Contact, The Outdoor Theatre Experience” the new outdoor theatre experience, has taken to the streets to create a new relationship with Parisian audiences. With no assigned seats and Paris as its stage, this performance puts the audience closer to the performers (while respecting social distancing, of course). In this way, we can break down the fourth wall and connect with the performers that are right in front of us in a way that classic theatre does not allow. Sound interesting?

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