Contact, the Outdoor Theatre Experience

Contact, the Outdoor Theatre Experience

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100% in English



50 minutes

No intermission



Recommended for all ages

100% in English

Bring your own device

Highlights: Contact, the Outdoor Theatre Experience

Experience this new theatrical innovation right in the heart of Paris. Contact (also spelled c-Ω-n-t-α-c-t) offers a binaural sound experience that will lead you through the city streets, enabling you to immerse yourself in the centre of the action.

The concept of this scintillating new spectacle is to bring theatre to audiences as they’ve rarely seen it before, enabling the theatre to thrive during these particular times. This outdoor show will consist of small groups of people being led through the story thanks to an original app. It’s a way for any and all to reconnect with the theatre, all the while remaining socially distant and avoiding mass gatherings.

Story: Contact, the Outdoor Theatre Experience

In this reality, physical distance is the new normal. Sarah finds herself approached in the street by a compelling stranger – who is he? He’s certainly more than he seems, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Join Sarah’s adventures in navigating through this disturbing encounter, all while experiencing theatre like never before. This new theatrical genre will be a fully immersive, sensory experience that you won’t forget.

This gripping spectacle will enable you to literally follow the action through the heart of Paris. This ‘distanced theatrical experience’ is made possible through an easy to install app, which will allow access to the show’s audio file. The different places included range from Montorgueil, Montparnasse, Saint-Paul, with the exact meeting place being kept secret until 24 hours before the show. It’s certainly a quest you’ll never forget.



Contact revives the performing arts in the streets of Paris. It is a theatrical, technical and sound achievement.

artistik rezo


Is the show accessible to an English audience?

Yes. All of the show’s audio comes from a soundtrack, fully in English.

How do I get to the show?

The show is performed alternatively in five different locations in Paris. An email containing the exact location of the meeting will be sent to you approximately 24 hours before the start of the experience.

How does the experience work?

An email containing all relevant information will be sent to you approximately 24 hours before the start of the experience. It will contain the exact location of the meeting and the link of the application to download (available for Android and iOS mobile phones only - app weight: around 60 MB). This app will allow you to be connected to the soundtrack of the show on the day of the performance.

On the day of the show, once you have arrived on site, you should open the "C-o-n-t-a-c-t" application and enter your phone number. A 6-digit code will then be sent back to you, allowing you to get connected to the soundtrack.

What do I need to remember on the day?

Don't forget to bring your smartphone (please note that only mobile phones with Android or iOS are compatible) and your earphones or headphones.

Make sure that the battery of your phone is sufficiently charged so that the phone does not turn off during the experiment (about 50 minutes).

Also, make sure that your plan allows you to have your 3G / 4G activated in order to stay connected to the audio stream of the application.

To not miss anything from the experience, we advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes early to have time to prepare.

I’m running late. What should I do?

Log in to the application, enter your phone number and wait for the code to be sent to you. You’ll automatically sync with the rest of the audience and be able to take the experience on the go. Be careful, however, the show becomes ambulatory after ten minutes, too long a delay and you may struggle to find the group!

What sanitary conditions will be put in place?

You come with your own smartphone and your earphones or headphones.

We limit the tonnage to 15 spectators in order to stay in a small group, in accordance with government regulations.

You will respect the contact barriers and in particular the physical distance with the actors and the other spectators. We invite you, for everyone's peace of mind, to wear your mask.

Thanks to the audio device, the show is invisible/silent for potential passers-by. No risk of crowding!