The Ultimate List for Perfect Paris Summer Strolls

  • July 2, 2020
  • All things Paris
  • Sam Asher

The age of deconfinement has resulted in hesitant city-goers taking to the streets. What follows? The Parisian landscape currently belongs to Parisians only, and it is shocking to see how many of the usual passerby’s have diminished. From the Seine to Montmartre to Notre Dame, the cityscape seems to be calmer. There is more room to walk around and picturesque streets belong only to you. This happens in tandem with the reopening of select theatres. To experience this Paris is a once in a lifetime opportunity: a city empty with culture to take advantage of! We are going to let you in on our favourite spots to go during this unique period, and the shows you can attend nearby. 

Theatre Bo St Martin - OMG She’s Parisian

Potential Strolls: Canal (5 min walk) / République (5 min walk) / Parc de Belleville (20 min walk)

If you are visiting Paris you surely know that the Seine is the main course of the city, but did you know that the Canal St Martin is a not-so-secret go-to for Parisians? This 4.6km long canal serves as a great option for a refreshing walk outside, with many opportunities to sit and people watch from on the water or dip into a bar along the road. Though the canal may not seem quite central, it is actually incredibly placed for culture. The Theatre Bo St Martin is just a five-minute walk away from the canal. This makes for the perfect night of a comedy show - like Oh My God She’s Parisian -  paired with a nice stroll afterwards to reminisce on the humour of Julie Collas, the Parisian comedy diamond who performs this one-woman show.

As a pre-show activity, we suggest taking a bit more time and legging it up to Parc de Belleville. A park with many levels and water fountains, this is truly just for the Parisians. You can enjoy this park by dipping under the shady comfort of the trees or laying out in the sun near the streams of water. Strolling along the well-maintained paths, you will even spot some of the many cats that live in this park. There is much to discover in this tiny space – but don’t forget to get an excellent view of the city at the top of the park! 

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Theatre des Nouveautés - How to Become Parisian In One Hour

Chatelet (new Park, 15 min walk) / Opera (10 min walk) / Galeries Lafayette (10 min walk)

Let’s face it, humans on vacation love to go up things. In Paris, the most obvious monument to climb is the Eiffel Tower. However, many Parisians will warn you of a major flaw with the Dame de Fer: the number one problem with going up the Eiffel tower is that you cannot see the Eiffel tower. This is why there are many different vistas around the city that some people don’t know about but give amazing viewpoints for every Parisian monument. The Galeries Lafayette in Opera is a massive shopping mall that has anything one could desire. One secret? The top-level gives access to the rooftop where you can gaze at the Parisian skyline – and it is completely free! Only open until 8 PM, this is a good spot to go to if you’re going to catch a show somewhere close by like the Theatre des Nouveautés with How to Become Parisian in One Hour. 

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Theatre de la Huchette – Ionesco’s Works

Seine ( ~ 5 min walk) / Notre Dame (~ 5 min walk) 

The first time we went to the Seine post-confinement our jaws dropped. We didn’t realize how few people would be out and about due to the borders being closed to one of the most visited cities in the world. There was seating everywhere, the air was calm, and the riverbanks were spotted with people picnicking at safe distances. The most notable aspect? The water was calm and clear. Confinement and deconfinement mean no boats, which in turn means the water of the Seine is left undisturbed.  At many points, you can see to the bottom of the Seine, and if the wind isn’t strong the water is completely flat and calm – it feels as if you’re seeing this iconic river through the eyes of someone who had lived in Paris hundreds of years ago. 

While you’re taking a stroll down this breathtaking sight, you can pop into the Theatre de la Huchette! Less than a five-minute walk away from the Ile Saint Louis, La Huchette offers permanent productions of Eugene Ionesco’s work “The Lesson” and “The Bald Soprano.” The great thing? A summer stroll along the seine is great pre or post-show activity. Check out the coming dates for performances at La Huchette, which reopens its doors the 17th of July!

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Paradis Latin

Jardin Des Plantes (10 mins) / Seine (5 mins) / Quai Saint-Bernard (10 mins)

 One portion of the Seine that immediately became lively in the cosiest way possible was the Quai Saint-Bernard. Immediately post-confinement there were people itching to get back to salsa dancing and making music. This quai is an important part of dance culture here in Paris, which we shed more light on with our in-depth blog about dance in the City of Light. Not only does this part of the seine feature dancers and musicians, but it offers a playful architecture that is kept pretty nicely, riddled with sculptures from various artists. This is also a great place to get a view of the construction happening on Notre Dame at the moment since approaching the actual structure from Ile Saint Louis itself is semi-obstructed. 

This quai is the perfect place to catch Parisians in their natural habitat doing what they do best: celebrating art and life. After this revitalizing stroll down the riverside, a perfect way to further celebrate art is book a show at the Paradis Latin! Just a ten-minute walk away from the Quai Saint-Bernard, this show is an excellent mélange of song, dance, and international artists. Visit our website to find out more about dates and when this cabaret will reopen!

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No one said post-confinement would be easy. Some of us are hesitant to make the voyage out of their apartment or hang out with others – which is perfectly natural! But if you’re looking to ween your way into the perfect outdoor activities and you currently live in Paris, we highly suggest going on some of these summer strolls throughout the city. To see Paris with only Parisians is a once in a lifetime experience which you can easily submerge yourself in! The cherry on top? You will be the first to see some of these shows that are welcoming audiences yet again, with artists and actors eager to give the performance of their lifetime after a months-long hiatus.

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