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  • July 15, 2019
  • All things Paris
  • Anna Livesey

Call us biased, but when it comes to Parisian blogging, Theatre in Paris has always had a favourite: our very own, All Things Paris, All Things Theatre blog of course! If you’re reading this you’ve landed on an online library of French theatrical knowledge and insider tips for navigating the wonder of City of Lights. Which doesn’t mean we’re not avid readers of other fellow bloggers out there reducing the French capital down to a neat digital format. From romantic hideouts to revolutionary history, between them these guys cover every corner of Parisian insider knowledge. We’d like to thank the following bloggers for falling in love with Paris and deciding to share that love with the world...

Secrets of Paris blog

Image property of Secrets of Paris ©

Heather Stimmler reveals the Secrets of Paris

Heather Stimmler has been revealing Paris’ secrets since 1999, and Secrets of Paris has now become the oldest independent and locally-owned website about Paris in English. Originally American, Heather began her blogging adventure many years ago when she came to Paris as a student. With a monthly calendar of special events and happenings, as well as great pieces about the different changes and way of life in Paris, Secrets of Paris has become a rich hub of ideas and information about almost anything in Paris.

Lily Heise in an image for the Je T'aime Me Neither blog

Image property of Je T'aime, Me Neither ©

Lily Heise romances in Paris and beyond in Je T'aime, Me Neither

Originally Canadian, Lily Heise moved to Paris in 2000 and never looked back. Her award-winning blog, Je T'aime, Me Neither, takes a look at Paris through the eyes of a hopeless romantic. On it you’ll find all the best spots for dating, smooching or general romancing, in Paris, France, and then beyond. Building on the success of her blog, Lily has also published two bestselling books and her travel writing has been featured in prestigious publications like the Huffington Post, Condé, DK Eyewitness, and Lonely Planet. If you’ve got hearts in your eyes and a passion for Paris: look no further!

Kasia Dietz and her Italian husband in Paris

Image property of Love in the City of Lights ©

Kasia Dietz declares her love for Paris in Love in the City of Lights

A New-Yorker by birth, Kasia Dietz toured 32 countries and married an Italian before settling with him in Paris. It was this passion for travel that inspired her to begin her blog, Love in the City of Lights, which documents her glamorous existence in Paris and frequent travels beyond. As well as writing freelance for numerous magazines and travel guides, this enterprising blogger has also founded her own line of hand-printed tote bags, Kasia Dietz handbags. Follow in the footsteps of one luxurious Parisienne and discover favourite hangouts in her home of eight years, the ultra classy Marais neighbourhood.

Messy Nessy Chic

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Vanessa Grall collects chic curiosities in Messy Nessy Chic

Vanessa Grall, aka Nessy, is Paris’ trendiest blogger and a magpie for all things kitsch, quirky, niche and nostalgic. Her platform Messy Nessy Chic is a melting pot of offbeat recommendations, instagrammable locations, and musing thought pieces. Although inspired by Nessy’s relocation to Paris almost one decade ago, now her blog has expanded far beyond the parameters of the French capital. Today it skips merrily from New York to Southern France, covering topics as varied as inflatable furniture or unforgettable Parisian sleepover locations. And if this digital inspiration bank wasn’t enough, Messy Nessy Chic also takes the form of two award-winning guide books.

Macarons and coffee

Image property of Rebecca Plotnik ©

Rebecca Plotnik divulges the life of an Everyday Parisian

A photographer by trade, Rebecca Plotnik’s found her photographic niche during a serendipitous solo trip to Paris. Surrounded by the cobbled squares and dreamy boulevards, Rebecca knew she had found her spirit home. She decided to dedicate herself and her work entirely to Paris. Photographs of the city from every angle morphed gradually into a beautifully visual blog, filled with travel tips, recipes and a diary faithfully documenting her movements during regular trips to Paris (the bloggeuse is now Chicago-based). Everyday Parisian is Rebecca’s way of sharing the story behind each bestselling photo.

French Girl in Seattle: Paris edition

Image property of French Girl in Seattle ©

Véronique, the French Girl in Seattle, has just returned to Paris!

After 23 years blogging about France from across the pond in Seattle, Véronique has finally returned to her cherished native land. In a new ‘French Girl in Seattle Takes France’ edition, her hugely popular blog continues to pay homage to all things Parisian… not from 8,000 miles away but right in the heart of the city. Once a nostalgic tribute, now the blog is a joyous homecoming. And Véronique promises that the move will only lead to an even more abundant flow of sweet sweet Francophile content.

Bellanda's photographs of Paris

Images property of Living the Dream in Paris ©

Bellanda inspires you to be Living the Dream in Paris

Bellanda makes no bones about it: her blog, Living the Dream in Paris, is all about appreciating the spiritual side of life. She advises all her readers to ‘believe in dreams and fear not the realization of them… for anything is possible.’ In her own life, believing in dreams meant moving from New York to Paris in 2003 and committing herself to writing, photographing and celebrating the City of Lights. She’s now the designer of her own line of Paris-related tote bags and accessories and curator of a community of over 5,000 loyal followers.

My Parisian Life banner

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Yanique provides the definitive low down in My Parisian Life

It’s hard to sum up the multi-interest, multi-purpose event-planner-cum-lifestyle-blog that is My Parisian Life. The brainchild of Digital Consultant and professional event planner, Yanique, this blog is designed to deliver an answer, next time you ask yourself ‘what am I going to do today?’ With insider recommendations covering every area and activity that the French capital has to offer, My Parisian Life is your one-stop shop for seeing Paris like a local. If in-depth blog content isn’t enough the platform also arranges regular meet-ups for expats or newbies to Paris, city tours for visitors, and skype chats for anyone who just thinks the City of Lights might be for them.

Person holding Ice cream

Image property of The Glittering Unknown ©

Emily celebrates the Glittering Unknown of Paris

Emily’s blog, The Glittering Unknown is all about that jittery feeling you get while riding a rollercoaster or booking a holiday. She sees her own magical decision to move to Paris as an au pair as the best and most glittering ‘unknown’ she’s ever plunged into. A treasure trove of useful travel tips for Paris and other places Emily has had the luck of visiting, the Glittering Unknown is as practical as it is pretty. And a special shout out goes to Emily’s Parisian Bureaucracy section which provides a low down on the many and varied complexities of the oh so complex French complexities. For newly arrived expats touching down in the glittering unknown, it’ll be a truly indispensable resource.

View of the Seine

Image property of Paris Perfect ©

Paris Perfect talks much more than just real estate

Paris Perfect may be a luxury apartment rental agency, but that doesn’t mean its team of dedicated Parisians doesn’t have plenty of other useful information to impart. The Paris blog alternates between sharing nuggets of its real estate expertise and exploring a whole host of unrelated topics. From beautiful bridges and parks with flowers to the strongest spirits in France, Paris Perfect has answers to almost any question you might have regarding your upcoming city break.

People using Insidr's pocket concierge phone service

Image property of Insidr ©

Get the inside Parisian scoop with Insidr

The name says it all: the team behind innovative Parisian startup, Insidr, are here to give you the inside scoop on everything to with the City of Lights. As well as running a successful digital, ‘pocket concierge’ business, which provides overseas visitors with an all-inclusive solution to expensive roaming charges, Insidr’s blog churns out high quality digital content on the daily. This may well be Paris’ most encyclopaedic blogging platform: we dare you to think up a Paris-related query that the Insidr writers haven’t already answered. And if you opt for the service, you’ll have all that content at your fingertips on your personal Insidr phone.

Eiffel Tower

Special podcast mention: Earful Tower

Last but not least, we couldn’t resist giving a special shout out to Oliver Gee, the man behind hit podcast the Earful Tower. Quite aside from having that masterful pun to be proud of, Gee’s channel provides a wealth of handy tips and hilarious anecdotes. It’s now one of the most popular travel podcasts on the App Store. So if you can’t quite work up the energy to read an entire blog article, why not sit back and let one grace your ears instead.

So there you have it, our favourite bloggeurs and bloggeuses bringing a little Paris magic to the world of the world wide web. And if you like these guys, don’t forget to check out other content from our very own All Things Paris blog:

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