12 hours in Paris - Your itinerary

  • February 18, 2020
  • All things Paris
  • Aysha Ferullo

It’s no secret that Paris is bursting with culture and activity; you could spend weeks in the city of lights and not even scratch the surface. However, we’re well aware that many tourists are pressed for time, and only have a few precious hours to spend in this never-ending town. Amid all the museums, galleries, brasseries and theatres, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and let true the gems of the city slip through your fingers. Whether you’ve just hopped off the Eurostar from London or are visiting a handful of European hot spots, here’s our guide to making the most of your time in Paris – there’s not a minute to lose! 


A Good Morning indeed

Start your day the right way by taking a trip to Good Morning. This trendy café located in the 16th district of Paris will surely have something to satisfy your every craving, with reasonable prices making it all the more perfect an option to fuel up for your Parisian adventure. Choose from a classic French breakfast of a pastry, fruit and hot drink, or go for a more substantial brunch. With a plethora of vegan and gluten-free options, there’s certainly something for everyone! 

Address: 4 Square Jouvenent - 75016 Paris


Take a trip to Musée d'Orsay

Nestled on the Seine’s left bank, this hub of masterpieces is a spot you simply can’t miss. What separates this museum from the rest is the fact that it used to be a train station known as Gare d’Orsay, rendering both its interior and exterior something out of the ordinary – it’s no wonder it’s such a popular tourist destination today. Now home to the works of Monet, Van Gough and Renoir, this museum is a beacon of inspiration for the creative soul. Entrance is free for children and EU members between 18-25 years old, as well as for everyone on the first Sunday of every month! After you’ve tired yourself out soaking up all the culture, why not grab a crêpe outside and sit by the river? 

62 Rude de Lille - 75343 Paris



Lunch that won't eat into your time

If the crêpe didn’t fill you, worry not! There are plenty of spots where you can find a quick bite to eat before you begin your afternoon activities. The sixth district of Paris is home to Marcello, an authentic Italian gem that will fill you up before sending you on your way. Located slightly nestled away, it’s a perfect place to briefly escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Address: 8 Rue Mabillion - 75006 Paris


Watch a matinée

If you’re not a massive fan of the touch-and-go lifestyle, an afternoon performance may be the perfect way to stop and smell the roses. I Want You (J’ai Envie De Toi), shown at the beautiful Théâtre Fontaine in the ninth district of Paris is sure to get your funny bones working. Go with that special someone or take the whole family. This show is bound to tickle the masses! 

Address: 10 Rue Pierre Fontaine - 75009 Paris


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Time for shopping

If you need to stretch your legs and want to see more of the city, take a trip to the Marais neighbourhood of Paris for guaranteed shopping success. With a plethora of places to shop, ranging from high fashion boutiques to independent perfumeries, there’s something for every need! If you’re keener on picking up souvenirs for your loved ones, you won’t have trouble finding something sweet to take home with you; whether it be herbal teas or chocolates - you’re simply spoilt for choice! Located in a beautiful neighbourhood, simply walking the streets of Marais is bound to make for an afternoon well spent. 

How to reach it: Hop off the line 4 at Étienne Marcel 


Dinner is served

You can’t possibly have a day in Paris without experiencing the authentic gastronomy of the nation to round off your time. There are many choices of where to dine – a great option being Bonvivant bistro, particularly if you’re in search of a hearty meal. With a wide selection of organic wines, there’s little you can do to feel more French than ordering a bottle for the table!

Address: 7 Rue des Écoles - 75005 Paris


See a French classic

What better way to round off your Parisian adventure than immersing yourself in a piece of classical French theatre? The Lesson (La Leçon) is the world’s longest-running play in a Parisian venue and has been gripping audiences for over 60 years! An absolute must-see, so far enjoyed by over 2.5 million spectators worldwide. Shown at the Théâtre de la Huchette, this quick one-hour piece is an excellent way to bid adieu to the beautiful Paris!

Address: 23 Rue de la Huchette - 75005 Paris

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final show

End on a high note!

If French classical theatre isn’t up your street, why not try your hand at seeing an Opera? Mozart’s Così Fan Tutte is playing until mid-July. Go for a deluxe package through the Theatre in Paris box office and round off your Parisian adventure in style with a glass of champagne upon arrival, as well as exclusive access to the Opéra Garnier’s breath-taking Salon Liebermann. There are few more enthralling ways to end your trip than taking the time to see this gripping spectacle.

Address: Place de l'Opéra - 75009 Paris

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