The Secrets of The Palace of Versailles: Royal Gardens, Fountains, and Fireworks!

  • August 4, 2022
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Angela Spidahl

Last Updated: August, 8th 2022

The Night Fountains Show at the Palace of Versailles: firewords at the palace of versailles, Chateau de versailles, in the gardens with fountains. © Nicolas Chavance

The Night Fountains Show of Versailles

Until September 17th, 2022

This summer at Versailles, Theatre in Paris is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see not only the Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles) in all its glory, but also the over 2,000 acres full of gardens filled with lights, fireworks, and music!

This night will be centered around the several gardens, fountains, and castle on the grand estate of the Palace of Versailles! It will be lit to colorful, magical perfection all moving to the sounds of the string instruments playing 17th-century baroque music such as Lully and Rameau.

It’s hard not to be awestruck by the beautiful night fountains in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. The walk is full of colors and surprises, the ponds and groves are lit up and play with thousands of reflections. A unique 2.5-hour walk full of surprises and cascades of light.

Since this show is outdoors, there is no maximum capacity, we allow our customers to attend any session regardless of which specific date they buy for. In order to purchase a ticket for the Night Fountains show, you will be asked to first choose a date. Although you have paid for a specific date, you will still have the opportunity to attend any of the performances.

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The Gardens of Versailles

Questioning yourself about things to do outdoors near Paris during the summer? The Gardens of Versailles is the way to go! You will have the best time enjoying the lovely outdoors, either in the sun or in the shade, because the Palace of Versailles estate has over 2,000 acres of beautiful landscape, pools of water, forestry, flowers, fountains, and the most perfect picnic locations you have never imagined!

Night and day, the Gardens of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see. On the nights we are selling tickets for the Night Fountains Show, these famous French gardens and their fabulous fountains come to life and will be adorned with thousands of lights, colors, music… and fireworks!

Hidden around the site are several little spots where you can take a break, or even stop to get a drink! If you choose to buy a ticket for The Night Fountains Show of Versailles, arrive early to see the flowers, trees, and wildlife moving under the brilliant sun before the grounds get lit with colorful lights and music on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles that once housed kings and queens of France.

fountains and bassins of versailles fountaines-de-versailles-fountains-at-versailles-©hugo-herrara-rafael-garcin-jo-kassis-blog

The Fountains and Bassins of Versailles

The Four Seasons Fountains, The Fountains of the Fight of the Animals, Dragon Fountain, Neptune Fountain, Latona’s Fountain, Enceladus Grove, The Great Perspective, Apollo’s Fountain, The Grove of the Domes, Mirror Fountain, Colonnade Grove, Girandole and Dauphin’s Grove… If you haven’t heard about these famous locations, now is your time! It’s almost as if each water fountain is competing to be the most beautiful on the Versailles estate… Luckily, you won’t have to decide which wins!

Containing 50 fountains, 620 water jets, and a Grand Canal over a mile in length, the Gardens of Versailles is full of water in the most beautiful and artistic fashion! If you choose to buy a ticket for The Night Fountains Show of Versailles, you can choose to arrive early and take any of the several walks around the gardens to see each of these fountains under the sun before the magic of the night begins!

chateau de versailles palace of Versailles © Angela Spidahl

Le Château de Versailles (The Palace of Versailles)

Spend a day in the Palace where many of the famous kings and queens of France spent strolling around and living their day-to-day life!

Starting as a mere hunting lodge, King Louis XIV, the Sun King, envisioned great things for the castle and took on the role of architect to build the great Palace of Versailles now known all over the world. See the Great King’s Apartment and several other ornately designed rooms or take a walk down the Hall of Mirrors known for its 357 mirrors placed to reflect the light of only a few flames from delicate candles… the Palace has much in store for all of its visitors!

Imagine what it was like being able to cross paths with Louis XIV living in the Royal Chapel, the King and Queen’s flat, and more! Spend your evening experiencing the royal pleasures of the 17th century, the architecture that housed the royal family, and understand the culture of the highest royals in France first-hand!

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