3 reasons to try theatre for French culture

  • October 24, 2017
  • Parisian theatre
  • Jessica Gilligan

Looking for a truly local taste of French culture while visiting Paris? Here's why a French theatre night is a perfect idea

theatre edouard vii venue paris opera

1. It's like going back in time to Paris' Golden Era

Whatever 'golden era' means to you, the roaring twenties, the swinging sixites.... Paris theatres have got you covered not only with their English subtitles by Theatre in Paris, but also with their ultra-rich history. Discovering a play or musical in a historical Parisian monument is a great alternative to the Parisian monuments/museums you already know, and overrated tourist traps. Visitors might discover a theatre commissioned by Queen Marie Antoinette, a modern theatre-cinema which hosted Orson Welles and Picasso; a music hall that gave the highest paid female performer (Mistinguett, above) of the Roaring 20s her rise to fame, an opulent playhouse visited by Voltaire and Rousseau... We could go on and on!

edith piaf la vie en rose show paris

2. It's the best way to learn about Parisian culture

For those interested in learning about the French way of life, there's truly no better way to do so than by experiencing it first-hand, alongside a Parisian audience: think shows about Edith Piaf (complete with her repertoire), Molière's and Rostand's most famous masterpieces, and modern and sometimes risqué, quintessentially Parisian vaudevilles. You want to to throw in a French swear word or insult? Want to know what kind of relationship Parisians have with their in-laws? Do they all really have affairs?! Theatre in Paris is the answer to all your burning questions about the French!


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3. It's an excellent alternative to a Parisian cabaret, and 100% accessible

While cabarets can be a great experience, they're not always 100% accessible. Some of their amazing songs are only in French, thus hindering comprehension for non-or low level French speakers. Others are in English, and therefore made for tourists- not Parisians. Musicals with Theatre in Paris are the absolute perfect balance: French shows conceived for/ by Parisians you'll see proof of this in the French audience-but 100% comprehensible by non French speakers, either by subtitles or through music and miming. In addition, some travelers are seeking a less risqué night out... while there are plenty of Parisian shows for adults with English subtitles, some of the best accessible shows are perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds!

Start planning your Parisian theatre night today, language barrier free!

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