Sky's the Limit: The Eiffel Tower Story (Plus haut que le ciel)

Théâtre Fontaine

Jusqu'au 29 mars 2020

Français surtitré en Anglais


Théâtre Fontaine
10 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris
Capacité 630 sièges


1 hour and 10 minutes



Recommended for all ages

French with English subtitles

Vous allez adorer

History has been revealed, Theatre Fontaine presents the upbeat story of how the creation of the famous monument which is known worldwide to represent France came to be. Don’t miss out on the true story on how two optimistic engineers were able to convince Mr. Eiffel that the Eiffel tower would become one of France’s biggest achievements.


A theatrical performance produced by Florence and Julien Lefebvre, Sky's the Limit narrates the life of two young engineers who had the brilliant idea of designing a monument so great that it would remain recorded in history for years to come. The two men first presented their idea to Gustave Eiffel’s assistant who then rejected their proposal stating that it was a waste of time and Gustave already had a lot on his hands in respect to work, but this didn’t stop these persistent dreamers.

Théâtre Fontaine

10 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

Abandonné au début des années 1900 par ses propriétaires à cause de son marché noir, le bâtiment dans lequel se situe désormais le Théâtre Fontaine hébergeait auparavant un célèbre cabaret de grand standing, Le Chantilly. Acheté en 1951 par deux complices audacieux et d’un rare dynamisme, le bâtiment qui tombait en ruines fut transformé en théâtre.


Après des travaux d’agrandissement pour accueillir plus de passionnés, le Théâtre Fontaine a gardé sa tradition de foyer où les comédies et les pièces classiques prennent possession de la scène pour faire rire le public. L’intérieur a conservé son élégance des années 1950 avec un damier rouge et noir au sol dans l’entrée, un velours rouge luxueux et un plafond couronné d’une voûte céleste.


En quelques mots

Capacité : 630

Accès handicapé : oui, merci de nous contacter pour vous garantir un placement dans les zones accessibles.

Climatisé : oui


Is it a show for travelers or French people?

Both! The show will be performed in French, but it will be accessible to English speakers through subtitles. Theatre Fontaine welcomes Parisians and travelers alike and wishes to offer the upmost convenience to all audiences!

How do I get to the venue?

Theatre Fontaine is accessible by metro lines 2 and 12, and the closest metro stations are Pigalle, Blanche, and Saint- Georges. If you plan to take the bus take lines 74, 67, or 52. Our hotline can be reached in case of difficulty finding the theater on weekdays from 10 am to 7pm Paris time. For details, we invite you to consult the map below.

Is Theatre Fontaine Handicap accessible?

The Fontaine Theater is equipped with a PMR access in an orchestra. If you are in a wheelchair, we invite you to call the theatre at 01 48 74 74 40 in order for them to prepare for your arrival.

Does the theatre have air-conditioning?

Yes, Theatre Fontaine is equipped with air- conditioning.

Is there a coat check available?

A cloakroom will be available to guests in the theatre for a € 1.50 per item.

Subtitles or “surtitles?”

Surtitles (also called supertitles) are the theatre equivalent of subtitles or as others may know it, captioned performances. That’s because in French “sur” means “above.” At the Théâtre Fontaine, the text is projected above the stage. Read more about surtitles here.

Does the venue have a specific dress code?

For Parisian plays, the dress tends to be casual, so feel free to dress in comfortable attire though we recommend avoiding caps and flip-flops. It is common for Parisians to arrive directly from work, dressed in smart- casual chic attire.

Can I purchase a programme?

An exclusive programme in English for Sky's the Limit: The Eiffel Tower Story is provided free of charge for Theatre in Paris guests. It is a perfect souvenir, with insider information on the play, the show, and the venue.