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  • 7 mars 2014
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A story of theatre sharing #theatreforall

Theatre in Paris proposes specially designed events where non-French speakers can enjoy a Parisian theatre experience just like a local, thanks to the addition of an exclusive English surtitling system. But what about all the other venues and plays that exist in the city? And how to find out about the multitude of plays that the team is watching in order to select the ones that our international friends will enjoy? That's where our All Things Paris, All Things Theatre blog comes in.

On this blog you will find regular, subjective, non-exhaustive and hopefully funny reviews of what we have seen (and loved) in Paris recently. Maybe this will inspire some of you, maybe some of you will want to improve your French language skills in order to be able to appreciate such great performances in our native language.

Even for plays that don't benefit from Theatre in Paris' English surtitles, our desire to share French culture with the greatest possible number is very strong. We hope that the TiP's tips blog (Theatre in Paris' cultural tips...) will inspire you.

Enjoy, share, comment! And shall the performing arts scene shine again and again.

Theatre in Paris - French plays with English surtitles for foreign theatre audiences

Theatre in Paris is an innovative cultural tourism company offering visitors and expats high-quality products allowing them to discover culture as experienced by Parisians everyday. Theatre in Paris is a member of the Welcome City Lab, the Paris Region Incubator dedicated to the tourism industry.

Our mantras: a new approach to hospitality

  1. At Theatre in Paris we are convinced that by offering travellers the chance to discover local culture from the inside, we can enhance their whole travel experience whilst visiting France.
  2. At Theatre in Paris we believe that every detail matters so we work hard to make every customer experience outstanding throughout their stay.
  3. At Theatre in Paris we want to share our optimism and our passion for everything we offer with our customers.
  4. At Theatre in Paris we firmly believe in presenting an experience that is original, fresh, innovative and creative.


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