Wardrobe Wednesday Watercolor Wow!

  • 6 juillet 2016
  • Les exclus de Theatre in Paris
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Dreams come in all shapes, sizes, and...fabrics! Behind many a show's many beautiful costumes there is always a hard-working costume designer. For today’s ‪#‎wardrobewednesday‬ we are talking about Molière nominated and award winning Pascale Bordet. Bordet started her career as a costume designer in 1982 working with L'opéra De Charles Garnier and Théâtre du Trèfle. In fact, she won the Molière for Best ‪Costume‬ Design in 1999 for “Mademoiselle Else” and 2002 for “Le Dindon”!

Along with the beautiful costumes she makes, she first illustrates beautiful watercolor pictures of the costumes. The very talented Bordet also writes books about her experiences in the theatre industry. In ‪‎La Magie du Costume‬, Bordet divulges some fun stories of working in the business while also displaying her beautiful watercolor paintings.

Come get a glimpse of Bordet's beautiful costume work at the Théatre de la Gaité Montparnasse: She designed Francis Perrin wardrobe Molière In Spite Of Myself that we translate for English speakers!