Wardrobe Wednesday - King of Paris Wardrobes

  • 22 juin 2016
  • La scène parisienne
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Coming off the Paris Fashion Week runway for today’s Wardrobe Wednesday‬ is Gaspard Ulliel ! Ulliel has starred in a multitude of films, and specifically in Saint Laurent for which he was nominated for a ‪César‬, or as we all know as the French version of the ‪‎Academy Awards‬, or ‪Oscars‬, but did you know he did theatre? He recently acted in ‪Démons‬ at Théâtre du Rond-Point. Theatre and fashion have always intermingled, and well-rounded French actor Gaspard Ulliel is the living proof! We at Theatre in Paris can’t wait to see more fashion and theatrical collaborations in the future. Let us know, are you excited for Paris Men's Fashion Week?

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