Theatre in Paris, What Is It?

  • 8 mars 2014
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Theatre in Paris was born from the observation that Paris is a world capital of theatre along with New York and London. However, most people ignore it because of the language barrier.

We decided to offer selected plays from the Paris theatre season with English surtitles, so that many more can enjoy them.

At Theatre in Paris, we are convinced that culture is an extraordinary means of sharing; that's why we support our evenings with pre-performance presentations in English - in the theatre itself. We also provide insights into the wonderful venues that host the shows as well as the opportunity to meet with the artists.

So, how does it work?

The English surtitles are projected onto a screen above the stage during the performance in French.
And Theatre in Paris has selected the best seats in the house to guarantee a perfect viewing experience of the play with the English surtitles. So, even if you are not a fluent French speaker, you will understand everything.

For the very first time, foreign visitors can do as Parisians do every day, and enter these magical spots of French culture, where creativity and artistic inventiveness come to life, in the very heart of the French performing arts scene.

Carl de Poncins

Theatre in Paris - French plays with English surtitles for foreign theatre audiences.
Theatre in Paris is an innovative cultural tourism company offering visitors and expats high-quality products allowing them to discover culture as experienced by Parisians everyday.
Theatre in Paris is a member of the Welcome City Lab, the Paris Region Incubator dedicated to the tourism industry. Get the latest update from the Welcome City Lab start-up companies by visiting their website

Implementing a new approach to hospitality... By offering travellers the chance to discover French culture from the inside, we believe that we can enhance their whole travel experience. At Theatre in Paris we pay attention to every single detail and we work hard so that every customer experience will be outstanding. We also want to share our optimism and our passion for everything we offer with our customers. Finally, it is our firm belief that we must always present experiences that are fresh and original, creative and innovative.

We are impatient to meet you!

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