Theatre in lockdown - week 12

  • 5 juin 2020
  • Les exclus de Theatre in Paris
  • Aysha Ferullo

There’s plenty to be excited about as we come to the end of our twelfth week of quarantine, and with June finally gracing us, it’s certainly beginning to feel like summer! The online theatre and arts community have been aiding in the lifting of our spirits with even more fascinating material in which to immerse ourselves while we’re still having to stay indoors. Here are our top picks from our week online!


For any exhibition lovers out there, this week is definitely the one for you! We loved experiencing all the Louis Vuitton exclusive exhibitions had to offer. The company has been very active over this period of quarantine and are hosting three digital events each week. Head on over to their website to keep up to date with them yourself!

Yet another source of entertainment from our friends at Google Arts & Culture was a free Picasso exhibition published to their website. Whether you’re new to the fine art scene or are a connoisseur, you’re bound to appreciate his breathtaking array of works. 

If you’re a fashion lover, head on over to the Christian Dior YouTube channel and see what they’ve been uploading. This week, we enjoyed this insight into the life of Dior himself, from the Musée des Arts Decoratifs. It’s completely free to watch, so be sure to check it out! 

Last but by no means least on this week’s list of Paris museums is the Paris Museums Collections website, where over 300,000 of their pieces have been posted in high definition online. It’s definitely a page to visit for anyone searching for a little inspiration!


This week of streaming delivered once more, starting with the Paris Opera’s Rigoletto. It’s only available until 7th June, so be sure to check out this Verdi masterpiece while you still have the chance. 

The Globe Theatre has also made their 2019 production of The Merry Wives of Windsor available for free viewing on their YouTube channel. You’re definitely in for a laugh with this one – head on over and enjoy.


As usual, we’ve been keeping our blog updated this week, including a fascinating post on the history of bowing and how it came to be the ritual we know today!

Additionally, as June is the month of the Paris Fringe (and we couldn’t be more excited) we also published a post detailing the history of Fringe theatre, as well as a brief snippet of what to expect from this year’s fringe. Have a read for yourself!

As always, our friends over at Crazy Horse are keeping us well-entertained on their Facebook page. Have a scroll, enjoy and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tickets to the show when theatres open again! 


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