The Troupe Is Back In Town

  • 30 juin 2016
  • La scène parisienne
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Lets travel back in time to this very day in 1643 when our beloved Molière's sensational troupe "L'illustre Théâtre" was born right here in Paris! We may not be able to see them in their glory anymore, but Comédie-Française legend Francis Perrin brings the troupe to life in his newest play Molière In Spite Of Myself. He dishes all about Molière's friends, enemies, and troupe members, including his sultry lover, and famous actress at the time, Madeleine Béjart! What a wild #throwbackthursday!

Did you know that Molière's father was embarrassed that his son chose an acting career? Imagine what he'd think now! Perrin also details why Molière is considered one of fathers of Western comedy. And in the very same venue as Perrin's show, a more contemporary comedy had a very successful Opening Night with us yesterday: ​Addition ! This play stars the hilarious Sebastien Castro and is running at the Théâtre de la Gaîté-Montparnasse. The plot: a disastrous weekend getaway and the consequences of letting money come between friends. We are sure that the one and only Molière would adore it if he could see it today! There's even a character in "Addition" that strongly resembles his Dom Juan