Paris Theatre Night: 5 Reasons To Go

  • 1 juin 2018
  • La scène parisienne
  • Jessica Gilligan

So, you've made the move to Paris. Bravo! Maybe you're here for a just a few months, maybe a year or two, or perhaps it's indefinite. Either way, one thing's for sure: you did not come to France to lounge in Irish pubs or Australian bars, nor to hang out with people from home. And you didn't come here to only see the most "touristy" sites the city has to offer. You came to Paris to live here, to learn the language and soak up the history and the culture... But maybe you've found yourself in a tourist or expat "bubble", like many of us do when we first move to the City of Lights.
Luckily, if you want to venture out of that "safe" zone and meet some Parisians, tons of internationals, and discover true Parisian entertainment whilst understanding everything, we've got the event for you. Read on for five great reasons to join the Paris Expat Theatre Night!



1. You'll meet both French and international people in Paris!

With social gatherings and "meetups" often comes a fear of showing up alone. Mais pas de soucis! At Theatre in Paris' monthly Theatre Nights, you definitely won't be the only one. These events are a great way to see French shows (with English subtitles, of course), but are especially an ideal place to meet like-minded people in Paris. Expat Nights are above all a social event, including drinks before or after the show, complete with pub-quiz style trivia for anyone wanting to test (or show off) their Paris (and sometimes theatre!) knowledge. And each night is a true melting pot, with a perfect blend of Parisians, Americans, Brits, Germans, Canadians ... you name it. Everyone is welcome!



2.PLAYBILL and the NEW YORK TIMES recommend it

You don't have to take our word for it, check out the articles below, in which the ever prestigious publications rave about the Theatre in Paris experience. But before you do, make sure you sign up to the Expat Night list so that you don't miss out on the next event!
"Theatre in Paris helps non-locals be locals for a night." PLAYBILL ARTICLE
"Enjoy Paris without language getting in the way." NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE



3. You'll discover local culture and entertainment, all while improving your French!

When you think London or New York, you immediately think THEATRE! Well, the same is true for French people in Paris. You might have noticed, but if not, we'll always be here to boast:
​The capital has a theatre on almost every corner, each with its own riveting history and preferred type of entertainment. You might see a  subtitled, quintessentially Parisian Comédie du Boulevard in Orson Welles' favourite venue, or maybe a French musical masterpiece with no dialogue in a venue commissioned by Marie Antoinette...The possibilities are endless - and they're all local! And most are in French with English subtitles. Thanks to the latter, you'll finally understand the "argot" or the slang actors are using, or that obscure lyric, or maybe that incomprehensible  French joke... without having to press pause and check wordreference! (Just to be clear, you can't press pause, these are live shows!) 


4. There's champagne!

Need we say more? (We're theatre people, so we will anyway...) By joining the Expat Night, you get the advantage of group rates (even if you buy just one ticket) with a beverage included in the price. And for each event we carefully select fine wine sure to please everyone from newbies to connaisseurs for those of you who are not fans of the bubbly. When our venues are not equipped with a bar, we scope out the area for the best local hot spot and reserve a room just for you!



5. There are giveaways

What's a party without some prizes? Sometimes we do random draws, other times, you've got to earn it with your extensive Paris knowledge. One thing's for sure: the prizes are fabulous. Think le Caveau de la Huchette, free glasses of wine in a hidden New York style speakeasy, some champagne, maybe 50% off your next Expat Theatre Night ticket... to find out what our next giveaway will be, you'll just have to come and find out! So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the next event: sign up here. A bientôt!