• 7 juillet 2016
  • Paris sous tous les angles
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

In honor of National Chocolate Day, we're exploring the film Chocolat, all about bridging the gap between the French and English world, just like us!

Happy National Chocolate Day! We hope you all are sinking your teeth into some milk, white or dark chocolate in honour of arguably one of the best holidays. Today we are celebrating our ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ to the film Chocolat directed by Lasse Hallström, starring Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, and Judi Dench. This popular film (in English despite its French title) tells the story of Vianne Rocher who is a chocolatier and goes around Europe with her daughter. When she settles in a small French village, she discovers that she does not fit in with everyone else. However, the power of chocolate seems to change everything!

This story was originally a novel written by British writer, Joanne Harris. But this Brit had French roots: her mother was French and so they spoke French at home as Joanne’s first language, causing a divide with her English family. However, stories like "Chocolat" bridge the gap between the French and English world, just like Theatre in Paris! So head on out to get your chocolate fix, then head to the theatre!