Théâtre le 13eme Art

  • Place d'Italie Centre Commercial Italie Deux, 75013 Paris
  • Capacity : 900 seats
  • Place d'Italie         


Opened in 2017 by French Canadian theatrical group, this contemporary venue was once home to a movie theatre featuring one of the biggest screens in the country. After the cinema closed down, the venue remained empty for over a decade before a complete renovation by the same architects responsible for the Bercy Accor Arena and the Institut du Monde Arabe. Featuring an architectural play of mirrors, light enters this venue from all angles, despite its location underneath a bustling shopping center. The venue was saved from becoming similar another store or fitness center with the simple notion that "Paris can never have too many theatres."


One of the founders of the Théâtre le 13eme art stated at the inauguration ceremony that "theatre means sitting in the darkness to hear the light," and this modern venue reflects precisely this notion. The Théâtre le 13eme Art is one of the most contemporary Parisian venues, and it's location by the busy shopping center off the beaten tourist tracks means you get to see a local side of Paris. Another fast fact? It's right by the Parisian Chinatown, so enjoy some culinary treasures from around the world before or after the show!


Featuring both a large amphitheatre with 900 seats and a smaller theatre 150 seats, the entire venue can be privatized and adapted to accomodate needs. The show programme featured an ecclectic and international fix, embodying the notion that no artistic barriers and imaginative boundries are to exist in this new Parisian cultural center.


Fast facts

Capacity: 900

Handicap Accessible? Yes, equipped with an elevator


Place d'Italie Centre Commercial Italie Deux, 75013 Paris

Place d'Italie        

Past shows at this venue


Oh Oh Circus Duo

Oh Oh, the award-winning comedic Parisian duo will take you on a journey through miming acrobatics, an intimate contemporary circus like you've never seen before.
until 1/6/19
from 25 €


Saloon, Wild West of Paris

A musical acrobatic adventure in the Wild Wild West of Paris! A theatrical thrill ride perfect for the whole family.
until 7/2/22
from 37 €


Ballet & Dance


What do you get when you combine Hip Hop, Baroque, Contemporary dance, and electronic music? A prizewinning performance!
until 7/2/22
from 35 €


360 Allstars

World touring urban circus jam packed with arousing performances from world championship artists!
until 7/2/22
from 27 €