La Scène Libre

  • 4 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris
  • Capacity: 161 seats
  • Strasbourg - St-Denis         


La Scène Libre

La Scène Libre is one of the two stages of the Théâtre Libre.
Le Théâtre Libre previously know as Théâtre  Le Comédia was built in just six months by the architect, Charles Duval, in 1858. It experienced an unsteady start and quickly reached bankruptcy. However, in 1862 it was transformed into the Eldorado, and became the most famous café-concert in Paris. It retained such popularity for over 60 years, undergoing various phases of renovations during which its glamorous ambience was symbolised with the addition of a metallic canopy entryway.


This renowned venue played an important role in shaping the cultural prowess of 'Les Années Folles' and has hosted many French stars, including the real Mistinguett, and Maurice Chevalier. In 1932 it was converted into a large cinema, returning to its original role as a theatre in 1971. Since this time, the stage has been used for musical performances of all kinds, In recent years it began to feature many other theatrical performances of every genre for the public's general enjoyment.


Fast facts

Capacity: 161


4 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris

Strasbourg - St-Denis        

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