La Cigale


La Cigale

This legendary Parisian venue was originally constructed in 1887 and has since welcomed shows of all kinds, from concerts, cabarets, operettes, and more. Ten years later, the venue is expanded to its current size, and the mystical painted ceiling completed by French artist Adolphe Léon Willette. During the 1940s, however, like many Parisian theatres, La Cigale was transformed into a cinema for many years. It wasn't until 1987 that La Cigale was transformed back to use for live performances of all varieties, purchased by 2 nightclub owners that dreamed of returning La Cigale to its former glory. Their dreams came to fruition, and the venue has since welcomed Muse, Iggy Pop, Johnny Hallyday, Kylie Monogue, Radiohead, Norah Jones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and more. Anybody who dreams of becoming a star, dreams of performing at La Cigale when in Paris!


The orchestra floor is equipped with a modular platform powered by a hydraulic system, allowing the space to be be adapted for differented used with ease. A truly moduable space, the venue has been used for all variety of events and performances. Currently on the program, you'll find not only shows and concerts, but also dance competitions, cabarets, gaming events, conferences and more! La Cigale has also developed unique partnerships with various brands, including Redbull, Yamaha, SFR, and others, to finance renovations and upgrades and ensure it remains a historic Parisian treasure entirely up to date with the latest practices and technologies. In recent years, La Cigale has opened its own restaurant onsite, Cantine de la Cigale, where you can often cross paths with performers before or after a show.


Fast facts

Capacity: 954

Handicap Accessible? Yes, please contact us to ensure proper seating in accessible areas

Air conditioning? No


120 boulevard de Rochechouart 75018 Paris


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The perfect prohibition cocktail of acrobatics, song and dance, be transported back to 1930s clandestine bars of New York in this one-of-a-kind performance!
until 6/13/24
from 39 €