The Royal Opera's 250th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Concert

royal opera versailles gala
Château de Versailles’ Opéra Royal

Until November 3, 2020



Château de Versailles’ Opéra Royal
4 avenue de Paris, 78000 Versailles
Capacity 750 seats


5 hours


Concert and dinner
Reserved for adults
In French


The Friends of the Royal Opera of Versailles present a spectacular VIP gala evening in honor of the House’s 250th anniversary. All the profits from the ticket sales will be donated to the benefit of the Royal Opera. The gala evening’s programme includes a welcome cocktail, Triumph of Rameau concert, Jean-Phillipe Rameau children’s choir concert and a luxurious supper served in majestic royal interiors of the Gallery of Great Battles. French virtuoso tenor Mathias Vidal will perform the most iconic arias of the 17th century, paying a triumphant tribute to the father of French music Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Please note that black tie is compulsory.


Inaugurated in 1770 for the marriage of Marie-Antoinette to the heir of the French throne, future Louis XVI, the Royal Opera of Versailles celebrates its 250th anniversary on November 3rd. On this occasion, we invite you to an exceptional evening in the grounds of the Château of Versailles, the Royal Opera's 250th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Concert.

The celebration will begin with a welcome cocktail in the Crusades Rooms, followed by Jean-Philippe Rameau children’s choir concert in the Royal Chapel. You will then relish the Triumph of Rameau concert, performed by virtuoso tenor Mathias Vidal at the Royal Opera. Accompanied by Marguerite Louise Ensemble under the direction of Gaétan Jarry, he will sing the most expressive French arias composed by the opera master Jean-Philippe Rameau in the 17th century. Vidal will also perform Rameau’s chef-d’œuvres for haute-contre such as Thespis’ arias from Platée and those of Calisis from Les Boréades.

After the concert, a walk through the King’s Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors will take you to the Gallery of Great Battles, where the spectacular Grand Supper will be served.


Full programme of the Gala Dinner of the 250 years of the Royal Opera:


6.30 pm: Welcome Cocktail in the Crusades Rooms

7.30 pm: Jean-Philippe Rameau Children’s Choir at the Royal Chapel

8 pm: Concert at the Royal Opera

The Triumph of Rameau

Arias of operas by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Mathias Vidal, Tenor

Gaétan Jarry, Conductor

Ensemble Marguerite Louise

9.30 pm: Walk through the King's Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors

10 pm: Grand Supper in the Gallery of Great Battles


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Château de Versailles’ Opéra Royal

4 avenue de Paris, 78000 Versailles

Categorized a one of the largest performance halls in Europe during its inauguration in 1770 requested by Louis XV, it is presently still admired as one of the grand luxurious staging in Paris due its lavishing décor composed of early century design. The ceiling above the room comprises of an exquisite form of art, something similar to what you would see in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy.

Opéra Royal was no ordinary room, it was prestigious among wealthy individuals who fancied theater. Hosting 1,500 people, only a specific number of guests were invited to view the best shows in Paris at the esteemed Versailles palace. Later the room was also used as a ballroom and a banquet hall.

After the revolution the Opéra Royal room was left whole but stripped of its 18th century embellishment. Altering its original appearance, the room is renovated and for official shows such as the opening of the Versailles museum in 1837. Renovated an inaugurated once again in 1957 after the Second World War by orders of architect André Japy, the room undertook a whole new look. In 2009 Opéra Royal opened its doors to spectators from all over the world and began to display an array of enlightened shows such as contemporary dance, ballet recitals, opera and classical music concerts. Presently it offers more than 100 performances per season in its golden room occupied with ostentatious chandeliers, surrounded by red velvet seating.

Fun facts:

Capacity: 750

Handicap Accessible? Yes

Air conditioning? No


Is there a dress code?

Yes, black tie is required for this VIP event.

What is included with my ticket?

What is included with my ticket? Your ticket includes a champagne cocktail, a concert at the Royal Chapel, a concert by Mathias Vidal at the Royal Opera, a walk through the Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors as well as a dinner in the Galery of Great Battles.

Can I take photos ?

You can take photos throughout your evening with the exception of the concert at the Royal Opera.